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The Order of Grammaton (usually abbreviated as "Grammaton") are the Protagonists of the fanfic Bakugan Universal Avengers: Mission Grammaton.

Headquarters: Mothership Winchester

Members: 10 (Brawlers), 20+ Bakugan

Key People: Antheus Michaels; Yuri D Izayavitch

Logo Grammaton

Logo of the Grammaton

Present Members

  • Yuri D Izayavitch (Father of the Grammaton from 19 BMS to present)
  • Volt Luster (Haos Brawling Operative, 2nd-in-command from Arc 4)
  • Marduk Kreig (Darkus Brawling Operative)
  • Protheus Michaels (Subterra Brawling Operative)
  • Chryslar Zeit (Pyrus Brawling Operative)
  • Jules Liger (Aquos Brawling Operative)
  • Rengoku Houran (Ventus Brawling Operative)
  • Mizuhiro Mikado (Hitman)

Temporary Members

  • Shun Kazami (Special Operations Spy, presently affiliated)
  • Masquerade (Special Operations Spy, presently affiliated)
  • Serena Sheen (Temporary Second-in-Command Arc 2-4)

Former Members

  • Antheus Michaels (Deceased, Co-Founder and Father of the Grammaton from 22-19 BMS)
  • Genesis Wright (Traitor of the Grammaton)


  • The Order of the Grammaton and the monicker of the leader as "Father" were inspired from the Order of the Tetragrammaton from the 2003 Sci-fi film Equilibrium.
  • The Grammaton are not limited to male members. As a matter of fact, Yuri is upset that there is not yet a permanent female member. Serena Sheen is the only female to ever become a member of the Grammaton but she left after Arc 4 and had entrusted her office to Volt Luster.


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