Nintendocan) Darkusfan...

Darkusfan202) Don't know who that is

Nintendocan) Are you okay?

Darkusfan202) Are you okay?

Nintendocan) Yeah, how about you?

( Nintendocan, in head, what a mood swing )

Darkusfan202) The business is to take care of Arric

Nintendocan) Okay

Darkusfan202) Are you with me?

Nintendocan) Yes, yes I'm with you...Arric is going to pay for what he did to you!

Darkusfan202) He will!

Nintendocan) But first we should go let Trent know you're okay now...

Darkusfan202) Trent?

Nintendocan) Yeah, your son

Darkusfan202) Oh that's right! Trent, my oldest son!

Nintendocan) You only have one son...

Darkusfan202) Therefore he's my oldest son...

Nintendocan) Yeah

Darkusfan202) So we'll let Trent know I'm okay, then we'll find Arric?

Nintendocan) Right...

( Nintendocan mumbles to Roxanoid )

Nintendocan) Something isn't right...

Flameblaze Roxanoid) Yeah, you might want to...

( Darkusfan202 charges towards Nintendocan with his arm out )

( Nintendocan ducks and grabs Darkusfan202's arm )

( Shadow Meteonoid charges towards Nintendocan )

( Roxanoid jumps into the air and kicks Meteonoid back )

Nintendocan vs. Darkusfan202! Episode 31

Grade of Not Kyuubi, But! Episode 30?

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