Noid is a fighting game developed by ZieStudios. The game will be released sometime in 2013. The main elements in the game is humans who fight and also transform into powerful monsters/beasts. It will be for the Wii U, and the ZieBox.


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On the island of Kaiju, there is a big tournament going on in a few weeks, this is a tournament where warriors will fight to achieve the title as "Strongest Warrior" on Kaiju Island. Three friends, Xero, Seymor, and Anna enter this tournament so they can show off their special skills.


The gameplay is slightly similar to the Super Smash Bros. series, but it is 3D platforming. Up to four players can be fought in a single match, each player has different attack styles, but they can also wield weapons for different attack styles and even armor for more defense against opponent attacks. If a character wields a weapon, they won't be able to use their normal attacks.

The main element in the game is the fact that the human characters can alter/transform into powerful beasts such as a Dragon, Ifrit, and Salamander, by pressing the L button (though players can change their controls in the Settings Menu). Although they become more powerful, if a opponent is still human, they are able to still defeat characters in their monster form. If the player wishes to revert back to the character's human form, they can just press the same button that transforms the human into their monster form.

The way of defeating the player goes like this, the characters have a health bar, and once they run out of health, they will collapse and will lose a life. If one defeats a character in monster form, they will revert back to their human form.

There are many items in this game, the main item, the Golden Orb, allows the player to use their special move, in which they will turn from human to monster and unleash it. Other items are helpful at times, such as traps, which do bad stuff to other players, like freezing them and hurting them.


Playable CharactersEdit

Name Description Element Attacks Special Move Monster Form
Xero The main fighter in the game and the main hero in the story mode, Xero is a powerful fighter who wields a flaming sword that strikes pain to his opponents. Fire
  • Flaming Slash
  • Spinning Sear
  • Torch Wave
  • Blazing Beam
Infernal Crash: Xero will use his Ifrit form and will soar in the sky and surround himself in flames and deliver a hard hit if he smashes into the opponent. Ifrit
Seymor A tricky but passionate fighter who has a large amount of speed and defending skills, opponents must be cautious to this fighter. Water
  • Wild Wave
  • Hydron Tail
  • Stealth Seeker
  • Quick Sweep
Salamander Invasion: Seymor uses his mighty Salamander form to create a portal that makes Salamanders fall from the sky and nail devastating hits on his opponents. Salamander
Anna This female fighter is not to be underestimated, she uses her skills to blow away the competition no matter what. Air
  • Sky Downforce
  • Aero Wing
  • Vicious Claw
  • Stream Slash
Victory Tornado: Anna will use her Griffon form and spin fast and create a deadly tornado and is able to move slowly it to target the opponent and deliver a huge amount of damage. Griffon
Finis A vicious fighter who attempts to make his opponents suffer in defeat if anyone opposes him. Water
  • Viper Bite
  • Rocket Crash
  • Ocean Impulse
  • Tail Quake
Lethal Blast: Finis uses his beast to shoot a deadly energy blast of water and aqua like missiles too to give the opponent a large amount of damage. Leviathan
Cyra This deadly fighter gives severing attacks to his opponents just with one hit. His powers are dark and dangerous, he is one strong opponent. Fire
  • Beastren Claw
  • Flare Gell
  • Howl Of Hades
  • Chain Swipe
Destiny Gate: Cyra uses his Cerberus form to make a dark gate appear and attempt to suck the other opponents in, if they are sucked in, they will be hit with a large amount of damage. Cerberus
Terry This fighter brings demolition in all of his battles, his power is very strong and so is his defense, he always stands up from any attack. Water
  • Shell Spin
  • Shockwave Smash
  • Hydrocity
  • Aquatic Punch
Atlanthal Hammer: Terry will use his Black Tortoise form to summon a big wave and use his powerful hammer to split the wave into multiple waves, causing them to also become bigger as well. Black Tortoise
Phoebe A flaming girl who fires up the competition, many people think she is weak, but they think wrong. Fire
  • Scarlet Twister
  • Ruby Shatter
  • Flare Blast
  • Teo Seal
Rising Impact: Phoebe will use her Phoenix form and become surrounded in burning flames. Phoebe will then charge fast and will deal a massive amount of damage to an opponent if in contact. Phoenix
Nava A young but beginner fighter, seeking to show that she is no weakling, foes better beware of Nava. Air
  • Jyo Sphere
  • Magic Party
  • Status Cloak
  • Warp
Restraining Cage: Nava will use her Nymph form to create a cage and attempt to drop it on the player. If she succeeds, the opponent will be stuck in there for a short time, and will be losing a lot of health. Nymph

Unlockable CharactersEdit

Name Description Element Attacks Special Move Monster Form Unlocked By
Sarah This shy girl may be a nightmare for some opponents, she has a dark side which usually turns the tables in battles. Darkness
  • Doom Slash
  • Cloak Of Revenge
  • Eyes Of Freezing
  • Shadow Sphere
Judgement Scream: Sarah uses her Banshee form to create a chaotic scream that hurts the other players ears and causes them to fly back and deal a lot of damage. Banshee Beat Chapter 1
Rei Coming from a peaceful village, Rei wants to also win the tournament, he is one skilled fighter, with his amazing evasion skills and is powerful strikes. Lightning
  • Vice Claw
  • Bolting Crash
  • Tiger Arrow
  • Mayzak Missile
Supreme Tiger Surge: Rei uses his White Tiger form to surround himself in electricity and unleash a powerful wave of electricity to hit other opponents. White Tiger Beat Chapter 2
Garga A violent fighter who wants nothing but destruction, thats all. He will not stop until his opponent is suffering. Darkness
  • Chaos Call
  • Aero Slice
  • Wing Pulse
  • Darkmon Blast
Death Metal: Garga will use his Gargoyle form and will have golden spiked armor on him, he will then fire many missiles that deal severing damage if in contact with the opponent. Gargoyle Beat Chapter 2
Kira This fighter is known as the Dragon Killer, because of his dangerous attacks and many victories. Many opponents fear Kira in battle. Earth
  • Raging Rock
  • Dark Stream
  • Gladiator Sword
  • Stone Spiker
Gladiator Destruction: Kira will use his Bahamut form and soar into the air, he will then be able to fly around the arena and shoot a massive dark energy blast at the opponent. Bahamut Beat Chapter 6


There are about 30 stages in this game, players are able to create their own stages and test them out, they can also share them online.

Stage Name Description How To Unlock
Kaiju Circle A regular zone that is shaped like a circle with no obstacles at all, a perfect place to get used to fighting other opponents. Already Unlocked
Searing Shower A volcanic area like stadium with meteors suddenly falling down as obstacles that hurt the player. Volcanic geysers will also pop up and burn the player as well. Already Unlocked
Yin-Yang Abyss A abyss like jungle arena with many statues and poles, the background is consisted of black and white fog. Win 10 Matches
Crystal Canyon A canyon, full of crystals! This arena is very dangerous, so players must watch out and not fall into spiked holes or be knocked into crystal statues. Already Unlocked

Items & ObjectsEdit

There are many kinds of items in this game, players can choose if items should appear a lot, barely, or even never.

Item Name Description
Golden Orb This orb allows the player to unleash their special move in battle, it will randomly move around the stage until a player touches it and is granted the power to use their special move.
Beast Block A item similar to the Assist Trophy from the Super Smash Bros. series, it is a special block that unleashes an animal spirit (such as a Wolf, Lion, or Falcon).
Status Aura A item that allows the player to either freeze, burn, weaken, or turn the opponent into stone.
Slippery Steep A trap like item that makes the player slip and fall into a mysterious trap of spikes, hurting them badly.
Stone Xplode A large magma stone like item that explodes if thrown and will deliver a great amount of damage if it is contact with an opponent.
Medusa Eye A medusa like staff item that allows the player to turn a opponent into stone for 30 seconds. If the item is used, the item will recharge for 45 seconds however to be used again.


Chapter 1Edit

Mission Name Unlocked by Information Mission(s) Mission Information Boss(es)
Chapter 1 N/A A normal easy chapter, a few enemies are hard to beat, there are 3 bosses. A-1: Venture Forth The player must go through Kaia Path and defeat the boss, Mega Goop Mega Goop
A-2: Run For Your Life The player must run from a moving stream of magma and dodge some enemies. None


  • Inferno Sword
  • Aquatic Staff
  • Lightning Bow

Possible Monster ListEdit

This is a list of possible ideas for transformations of characters. Feel free to give out ideas in the comments.

  • Cthulu
  • Balrog
  • Kraken
  • Wyvern
  • Qilin
  • Golem



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