Tell me, how do you sleep at night? After all the things you've done? Well, now it's your turn to run.

—- Violet to Menoetius

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Violet 2
Debut Neathia's Demise 8 - A Dark Dream
Used By None
Gender Female
G-Power 0
Attribute True Darkus
Weaponry {{{weapon}}}
Family The Nightingales
Title 9th Goddess of Darkus
Status Alive


Violet "Nocturnal" Obscuritas is the ninth True Darkus energy holder. She is a powerful Bakugan with a unique playstyle. She uses a scythe in combat, as well as her opponent's Abilities.


The NightingalesEdit


Fighting StyleEdit

Darkus Goddess

Nocturnal starts out with 0 Gs, however, ten skeletal Bakugan come to assist her, and she always goes first, as well as having all her opponent Abilities. Those Abilities are also doubled in power. She unleashes a quick barrage of attacks and then beheads her opponent. Nocturnal's victims are also known to not be revived after battle, even if using the system.



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