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Debut Olympian War - Christmas Special Part 1
Used By Jack
Type Darkus Hyper Coredom
Gender Male
G-Power 1400 G
Attribute Darkus Darkus
Theme Song TBA
Main Adversaries Omega Robotallion
Main Allies Jack
Close Relationships None
Mechtogan None
Mechtogan Titan None
Battle Gear None
Fate Alive

Noctemore is a corrupt Bakugan with a particular hatred for the human race. His battling partner is Jack



Noctemore is a large, foreboding Bakugan that can knock the courage out of even the bravest of adversaries. It's not just his frightening appearance that indimidates most, but his bone crushing power in battle. With almost inpenetratable armour and demonic wings to match, Noctemore can battle on the ground and in the air. His most notable trait is his ability to drain the essence of other beings and copy their abilities, while also stealing large reserves of their energy, leaving them weak and ready for their inevitable defeat.




Little is known about Noctemore feels about Jack, as they were never seen speaking directly to one another. Though, seeing as Noctemore repeatedly stated that he despised the human race, it can be said that Noctemore was most likely only using Jack to get around on Earth unnoticed. Also, because of Jack's change of appearance, it is implied that Jack absorbed negative energy from Noctemore.



Noctemore was born on Gundalia, eventually becoming a member of the mighty Gundalian army. Despite still being loyal at the time, Noctemore disagreed with the way Gundalia kept peace with Neathia and all other neighbouring plants. He thought they should rule the whole galaxy, and kill any that weren't of Gundalian origin. So Noctemore dreamed of working his way up the ranks and eventually becoming the top Bakugan of the Gundalian Army. Despite quickly working his way up the rankings with his brawler, the Prime Minister of Gundalia was wise, and saw him for who he was, knowing that Noctemore and his brawler would only lead Gundalia into unnecessary war and fighting, and demoted them at once. This, however sent Noctemore into a terrible rage. His ambition had long overtaken his loyalty and he attacked the capital, causing large amounts of damage and chaos. Noctemore had overestimate his strength and was soon overpowered by masses of Gundalian Bakugan. He was them imprisoned and held on trial. He was proven guilty and was condemned to the Doom Dimension, but struggled wildly, thus scrambling the portal coordinates and sending him to Earth.

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