Darkusfan202's replacement bakugan for Meteonoid. He received it via Nintendocan.

Attribute(s) Darkus
Partner Darkusfan202
First Appearance Humagons-Times Collide: Episode 17


A squirrel-like bakugan with a ninja-like mask and helmet. He has a bushy tail that extends to the top of his head. The tail holds hidden shurikens. He has two dai shurikens with one on each leg. He also has two dai shurikens with one on each arm. His body is patterned with black and purple fur. Little smoke bombs hide in his fur too. This sneaky bakugan holds many tricks, that you may not even expect.


  • Smoke the Hide- Nirrel drops smoke bombs onto the ground to hide himself
  • Art of Decoy- Nirrel moves from place to place, dropping disc that create clones of himself; the clones explode upon any impact
  • Spinning Exploss- Nirrel throws dia shurikens with explosives towards the opponent
  • Dia Shurang- Nirrel throws a dia shuriken that comes back to him
  • Erucae- Nirrel pulls a rocket out of his fur, turning it on and flying
  • Fixed Shot- Nirrel hits the opponent with an explosive wrench
  • Explodabreaker- Nirrel hits the opponent with an explosive bat

Ultimate Abilities:Edit

  • Explosivae Tormento- Nirrel fires an explosive blast out of his cannon
  • Bomb Barrage- While in mid-air, Nirrel throws bombs at the ground 

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