Serenity) Finally, the ref. has come...

Referee) Yeah... What do I have to do?

Serenity) Pay attention to the brawl and do what you think is right...

Referee) Okay

( Serenity walks into the cave )

Serenity) Ugh... I'm going to bed and taking Wolfgang to bed...

Nuzamaki90) Okay.

Airzel) It's only 8pm!

Serenity) Well... I'm doing Wolf a favor!

Airzel) He's dead!

Serenity) And I can't follow what Wolf told me! ( Walks off with Wolfgang )

Airzel) Geez! ( Goes back to watching TV )

( In Wolfgang's room )

Wolfgang) Mommy! I miss Daddy! D=

Serenity) I miss him too...

Wolfgang) His birthday was in ten days D=

Serenity) How do you know that?

( Wolfgang points to his calender )

Serenity) Oh... Then how come you can't remember my birthday -_-

Wolfgang) Because your birthday is every day! =D

Serenity) o_O I rather have one birthday a year...

Wolfgang) Why?

Serenity) I don't want to be old yet!

Wolfgang) Oh... Isn't your birthday December 3?

Serenity) Yes...

Wolfgang) And my birthday is October 10th...

Serenity) Yep!

( Wolfgang lays down and Serenity tucks Wolfgang in )

Serenity) Good night...

Wolfgang) You too Mommy...

( Serenity closes the door and walks into her room )

( Meanwhile, outside a brawl was started )

Nintendocan) Ability Activate! Rocky Flame! ( Roxanoid fires a blast with rocks and fire mixed in it )

Valentin 98) Ability Activate! Rap A Tap! ( Raptoroid raps and attacks )

Raptoroid) I can rap!

Just look at the mat!

You might need a map!

Just be fat!

Okay? Rat!

Roxanoid) O_O He's so getting a beaten now!

( Fires a huge blast of rocks and fire )

( Raptoroid moves out of the way )

Raptoroid) What a flut!

Meet the UPPERCUT!

( Raptoroid uppercuts Roxanoid )

( Roxanoid goes flying into the air )

Nintendocan) Linked Ability Activate! Rocky Comet! ( Roxanoid falls down as a rocky fireball )

???) Ability Activate! Darken End! ( ??? attacks his opponent with a laser, it can hold up tons of weight )

( Darken End hit Roxanoid and Roxanoid turns to ball form )

Referee) And the winner is Nintendocan... Due to interference!

Nintendocan) I... I.. I won! Wait a second. I know that ability... It's you! I can't believe you're here!

( Meanwhile at the evil tournament )

Ghgt99) Ability Activate! Hiding Shadows! ( Darkmoon disappears and attacks his opponent )

Demiser) Hmm... Ability Activate! Pondery Wolk! ( Pondery covers herself with water like 4 waterfalls coming down )

Darkmoon) Tap.. Tap!

Pondery) Hi!

( Darkmoon hit Pondery and finishes up with a claw slash )

( Pondery turns to ball form )



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