Nintendocan and Blueking4ever have walked on the battlefield with their bakugans next to them...

Blue) Why don't you go first.

Nintendocan) Me first...Nah, you.

Blue) I'm older, youngest first.

Nintendocan) But I feel like you should...

Crimson) JUST START!

Blue) Sheesh! Ability Activate! Shining Bling! ( Bling opens his wings releasing a very bright shine, that burns the opponent )

( Bling's wings open )

Flameblaze Roxanoid) ...That move again! I STILL CAN'T SEE THE FREAKING LIGHT!

( The grass catches on fire )

Nintendocan) Ability Activate! Retailed Flames! ( Flameblaze Roxanoid absorbs all the flames and forms a fiery tail )

( The fires go out as Flameblaze Roxanoid's tail grows with fire )

( Flameblaze Roxanoid swings his tail at Bling )

( Bling crashes to the ground and quickly bounces into a flight )

Blue) Ability Activate! Shining Flames! ( Flames shine brightly by the use of Bling's eyes and attack the opponent )

( Roxanoid's huge fire tail shines brightly after Bling's eyes glow yellow )

( The flames collapse on Roxanoid )

Nintendocan) Ability Activate! Embodied Flames! ( Flameblaze Roxanoid absorbs fire to create a new body of flames )

( The falling fire turns into an aura on Roxanoid's body )

Blue) Nice move...

Nintendocan) Thanks?

Blue) Ability Activate! Shining Cutter! ( Bling holds his sword out and charges towards his opponent with a shining aura )

( Bling goes through the flaming body, without damage to neither side )

Bling) ...

Flaming Flameblaze Roxanoid) That didn't hurt!

Blue) Ability Activate! Shining Swipes! ( Bling slashes his opponent with a shining sword that cuts through any opponent with white lines )

( Bling slashes 10 times and then charges through the Flaming body )

( The flaming body reattaches )

FFR) Really!

Nintendocan) Ability Activate! Burning Ax-Handle! ( FFR brings his two hands together clubs the opponent to the ground, smashing and sending flames scattering )

( FFR's hands close together )

Bling OH SH*T!

( Bling holds his sword out )

( FFR's hands hit Bling and smash him to the ground, squeezing flames from the impact away )

( FFR keeps his hands over Bling )

Nintendocan vs. Blueking4ever! Episode 46 Part 2/2

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