( Red electricity sparks from the ground )

Kyuubi) Ability Activate! Rawraid! ( Aero Tails roars with such force, a beam is created )


( A massive beam heads towards Roxanoid )

( Roxanoid disappears in the smoke as the beam crashes into a mountain )

( Roxanoid appears behind looking like he has multiple images of himself )

Nintendo) ...Ghostaloid, what have you done now...

Possessed Roxanoid) HI! *Pets Aero Tails*

Aero Tails) O_O GOD!

Kyuubi) Ability Activate! 9 Tail Swipe! ( Aero Tails attacks the opponent with a nine hit, tail combo )

( Roxanoid somehow grabs each tail when they swing )

Possessed Roxanoid) Uneffective!

( Red electricity instensely sparks from the ground )

Nintendocan) Ability Activate! Rocky Flame! ( Flameblaze Roxanoid fires an attack that is mixed with rocks and fire )

( Roxanoid pulls Aero Tails in and uppercuts him )

( Flames explode from the uppercut )

( Aero Tails flies into the air )

Nintendo) Or do that...

Aero Tails) *Recovers balance* ...

Kyuubi) Ability Activate! 9 Crush! ( Aero Tails clubs his opponent with all 9 tails, at once )

( Roxanoid releases a huge amount of flames from his mouth )

( Aero Tails cuts through the flames, tails landing on Roxanoid )

( Roxanoid doesn't move an inch, but the armor on Aero Tails' tails break )

Possessed Roxanoid) WOOPS! *Body hardens into a flaming rock*

( Roxanoid punches Aero Tails with exploding flames, then disappears and crashes into Aero Tails )

( Aero Tails crashes into a mountain )

( The red sparks suddenly reach a peak )

Field unstable, evacuate the area! Evacuate the area!

Nintendo) ...

( Lava opens from the ground )

Kyuubi) O_O *Runs away*

Nintendo) O_O THIS IS CRAZY! *Runs*

( Roxanoid pumbles on Aero Tails )

( Nintendo and Kyuubi leave the shielded field )

Nintendo) WHAT THE <BEEP>!


( The barrier walls close as soon as more lava spills from the ground )

Wolfgang) *Runs to Nintendo* WHAT HAPPENED!

Nintendo) I DON'T KNOW!

( Aero Tails returns to his ball form while lava continues to spill from the ground )

Kyuubi) Well, now I lost...

Nintendo) NOT RIGHT NOW!

( Roxanoid roams around the lava-filled field )


( A beam spills into the air )

Gemention Volf) ...*Gets out of Wolfgang's pocket*

Wolfgang) Volf, you ready?

Gemention Volf) Yeah!

Wolfgang) Enter the battlefield, do what you can to stop Roxanoid, while Kyuubi, Nintendo, and me find my dad...

Gemention Volf) Okay, just don't take long...It'll be over as soon as you get back...

Wolfgang) We'll see! *Grabs Volf and throws him over the huge barrier wall* O_O Wow...I made that...

Gemention Volf vs. Possessed Roxanoid! Episode 20

Grade of Nintendo vs. Kyuubi Ending! Episode 19?

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