Nintendo) Good luck *Shakes Crimson's hand*

Crimson) *Shakes Nintendo's hand* You too

Flameblaze Roxanoid) Rocks-A-Noid is going to your Dragonoid ***, so good luck...

Blade Dragonoid) You too, deadchops...*Stares Roxanoid down*

( Roxanoid backs up ) Nintendo) Now, lets get this started! Ability Activate! Flame Collect! ( Flameblaze Roxanoid collects flames that are absorbed into his body )

( Roxanoid's body glows red )

Crimson) Then...Ability Activate! Twist Cuts! ( Blade Dragonoid spins and slashes the opponent with his arm blade )

( Blade Dragonoid spins like a top, heading towards Roxanoid )

Nintendo) Ability Activate! Rocking Kicks! ( Flameblaze Roxanoid's legs harden as he does windmill roundhouse kicks )

( Roxanoid jumps into the air and moves like a top )

( Roxanoid's feet collides with Blade's blades, stopping motion )

Crimson) Ability Activate! Deep Cut! ( Blade Dragonoid slams his arm blade into his opponent, leaving a mark )

( Blade uses his free blade to attack Roxanoid )

( Roxanoid jumps into the air, avoiding the blade shot )

Nintendo) Ability Activate! Flameblazing Blaze! ( Flameblaze Roxanoid's body encases in flames, after landing the flames spread apart to deal extra attack damage )

Crimson) Ability Activate! Cross Block! ( Blade Dragonoid crosses his two arm blades to block an attack )

( Roxanoid's foot lands on Blade's blades, causing fire to erupt on Blade )

Blade Dragonoid) *Dancing* IT BURNS!

( The flames leave Blade's body as Roxanoid absorbs them )

Crimson) *Whispers* Ability Activate! X-down! ( Blade Dragonoid charges into the opponent with his blades crossed )

Flameblaze Roxanoid) There...The flames are-O_O

( Blade's blades crash into Roxanoid )

( Roxanoid heads towards a mountain )

Nintendocan) Ability Activate! Comet Crash! ( Flameblaze Roxanoid's body turns into a flaming comet that crashes into opponent )

( Roxanoid puts his feet back, lands on the mountain, and jumps off for extra air )

( Roxanoid's body turns to a flaming comet )

Crimson) Ultimate Ability Activate! Shattered Dimension! ( Blade Dragonoid slashes the opponent with a huge amount of darkus energy into his blade )

( Roxanoid falls towards the extended, purple blade )

( The slash misses Roxanoid )

( Roxanoid rides down the extended, purple blade as a burning comet )

( Blade throws his blade up )

( Roxanoid flies into the air, but lands back on the blade )

Blade Dragonoid) He's too heavy!

( Roxanoid slides into Blade Dragonoid )

( Blade falls on the ground, while Roxanoid gets up and absorbs the flames on his body )

Nintendo) Double Ability Activate! Retailed Flames! ( Flameblaze Roxanoid absorbs all flames and forms a fiery tail ) & Burning Sanitation! ( Flameblaze Roxanoid clubs the opponent with his flaming tail )

( Without looking, Roxanoid's tail extends with flames, as he smashes his tail on Blade )

Nintendo) Again!

( Roxanoid smashes his tail again, but Blade rolls out of the way )

Nintendo) One more time!

( Roxanoid swings his tail )

Crimson) Ability Activate! Steel Protection! ( Blade Dragonoid's wings turn to a silver color and are used to reflect an attack )

( Blade's wings cover his body, while Roxanoid's tail smashes into his wings with no effect done )

( Roxanoid feels a sharp pain )

Crimson) Ability Activate! Steel Overdose! ( Blade Dragonoid's body becomes steel-like with thick layers )

Nintendo) Embodied Flames! ( Flameblaze Roxanoid absorbs fire to create a new body of flames )

( Roxanoid and Blade both turn around and look at each other )

Flameblaze Roxanoid) We're "steeling" the show...

Blade Dragonoid) THAT'S MY LINE!

( Blade Dragonoid charges towards Roxanoid )

( Roxanoid grabs Blade's hands and they start wrestling each other )

5 minutes later...

Flameblaze Roxanoid) Looks like we're-*Gets pushed by a steel pulse*-

Blade Dragonoid) Not even, I'm better! Crimson) Ability Activate! Ultimate Steel! ( Blade Dragonoid creates a barrier of steel and throws it at his opponent )

( Blade Dragonoid pulls steel from the ground and throws it towards Roxanoid )

Flameblaze Roxanoid) *Recovers from fall* Geez, so much work...O_O *Jumps into the air and kicks the steel barrier towards Blade Dragonoid*

( Blade Dragonoid hops over the steel barrier with his arm blades pointing towards Roxanoid )

Blade Dragonoid) TIME TO FIRE MY GUNS!

Crimson) Ability Activate! Beamer Bayflect! ( Blade Dragonoid fires two reflections of his blades, towards his opponent )


( Two reflected blades head towards Roxanoid )

( Roxanoid falls on his knees )

Flameblaze Roxanoid) I have nothing more to give...

Nintendo) Don't give up...Ultimate Ability Activate! Blazeburn Destroyer! ( Flameblaze Roxanoid releases all absorbed fire power into a huge beam )

( A huge, burning beam takes the reflected blades out quickly )

Crimson) 'Ability Activate! X-down! ( Blade Dragonoid charges into the opponent with his blades crossed )'

( Blade Dragonoid charges into the beam with his blades crossed )

( The steel on Blade metals quickly )

( Blade cuts through apart of the beam, but then turns to his ball form )

Kyuubi) RAAAAAAWWWWRRRRR! Ability Activate! 'Aeroic Charge! ( Aero Tails uses his jet pack and rockets into the opponent )'

( Aero Tails rockets over the disappearing beam, absorbed by Roxanoid and crashes into Roxanoid )

( Aero Tails slams Roxanoid into a mountain )

Kyuubi) Ability Activate!' Rawraid! ( Aero Tails roars with such force, a beam is created )'

Aero Tails) *Moves away from Roxanoid* RRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWRRRRRRRRRR!!!!

( A beam head towards Roxanoid )


Nintendo) Ability Activate! Rocky Flame! ( Flameblaze Roxanoid fires an attack that is mixed with rocks and fire )

( Roxanoid releases his final attack, but it doesn't do a thing, the beam continues its movement )

Flameblaze Roxanoid) That's it...*Coughs*

( The beam crashes into Flameblaze Roxanoid )


( Smoke covers the field )

Nintendo) It's over...Kyuubi, you won

Aero Tails) YES!

( A red glow erupts from the smoke )

???) Won...They didn't win yet...

Nintendo vs. Kyuubi Ending! Episode 19

Grade of Nintendo vs. Crimson, Winner vs. Kyuubi! Episode 18?

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