Nintendo Infinity is the sequel console to Wii U. The game has the "Infinity Controller", which looks a lot like the Gamecube Controller, but includes 2 camera (front and back) and a holographic projector. HDS (Nintendo HDS is a HD version of a DS that has HD graphics) can be played on the Nintendo Infinity and using a regular Infinity Controller too.

Only the Wii U Gamepad, Wii U Pro Controller, and Infinity Controller can be used for the console.



  • Regular Bundle (White) [320$] - Includes V-Wire Headphones that are wireless, the Immerse projector, Minicle, and others, also includes the game "Nintendo Universe"
  • Super Bundle (Black) [399$] - Includes 50$ automatically added in the eShop, Nintendo Network Platinum, a stand for the console, a charging stand for the console, and more


Custom InterfaceEdit

When you are at the home menu, you are able to customize your icons and make the menu look whatever you like, and you can also add your own background to your home menu.

Holographic ProjectorEdit

Enter reality as the "Immerse" can project a holographic image, it also can be used from over 100 feet, so you can play in your room at midnight.

If it is too bright, you can use the virtual reality goggles included in all bundles, but you can still use the Immerse without goggles, as long as the room is dark enough to project a good image.

The projector can also be used as a second screen, and if you want to play a game and your friend wants to play a different one, you two can play with "TWO SEPARATE SCREENS", two games at once, using the Immerse projector! This is done because there is a double disc drive in the system.



Released in 2018Edit

  • Super Mario Legends: (A LAUNCH TITLE) a 2D mario game that is similar to rayman legends, it has a new engine that isn't really similar to the NSMB engine.
  • Super Mario: The Adventure Begins: The 3D mario game everyone wished and asked for, bowser has the most ultimate plan, so mario must travel into a world bowser created that has space, lava, and crazy more elements.
  • Mario Kart Evolution: A epic mario kart game that is highly like Mario Kart 64, it includes a track creator, double dash, and new modes, it also has a option for you to play in VIRTUAL REALITY, using the VR goggles.

Released in 2019Edit

  • Mario Sports Ultimate: A mario sports game which has many sports to do, like soccer, basketball, volleyball, tennis, and more.
  • Paper Mario HD: the paper mario game everyone wants, includes music like sticker star, story like super paper mario, epicness of paper mario, and battle system and elements from the thousand year door.
  • New super mario bros. infinity: a rehash but with new elements, and A LEVEL EDITOR

Released in 2020Edit

  • super mario 3D universe: another 3D mario game
  • Luigi's Mansion 3: everyone wanted this, so....
  • Super Mario Dream: basically like Oracle of seasons/ages, compatable with the 3DS version (aka Super Mario nightmare)

Other gamesEdit

  • The Legend of Zelda (Untitled): it shall be epic. [RELEASE DATE: LATE 2019]
  • The Legend of Zelda HD Collection: IT INCLUDES Ocarina of time, majoras mask, and a remasted version of the original NES Legend of zelda and the adventure of link [RELEASE DATE: mid 2021]
  • Metroid Prime 4: the game everyone wanted from retro, SO YOUR GETTING IT [RELEASE DATE: 2018]
  • Metroid Shadows: a 2D metroid game in HD [RELEASE DATE: 2020]
  • Donkey Kong Country 6 [RELEASE DATE: 2018]
  • F-Zero Ultimate [RELEASE DATE: 2018]
  • Star Fox Infinite [RELEASE DATE: early 2019]
  • Yoshi's Island 3D [RELEASE DATE: spring 2020]

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