Molt: This is my subterra demension Kyle, welcome.

Kyle: Who the heck are you?

Molt: I am Molt, and this is Laven...

Kyle: Molt and Laven. (Thinking) Molten lava, saaad...

Molt: Let's get started. Bakugan brawl! Bakugan stand! Enialate him Laven!

Kyle: Bakugan brawl! Bakugan stand! Let's go Pythex!

Molt: Ability activate! Metior smash!

(A metior forms and Laven smashes it into peices flying at Pythex, but he dodges)

Kyle: Ability activate! Iron fang!

(Pythex's fang's turn to iron and bites Laven)

Laven: Ow!

Molt: Ability activate! Magma ray!

(A ray of magma fires at Kyle)

Kyle: What! AAHHH!

(Pyhtex swoops in and splashes the lava back at Laven defeating him)

Molt: Hmph...

(Molt and Laven dissaper into a portal)

Kyle: Y- you saved me.

Pyhtex: It was nothing.

Kyle: Thanks.

Pythex: No problem.

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