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Casper: This is the Haos demension Wolfgang. What do you think of it?

Wolfgang: I take it you're Casper?

Casper: Correct. Now, shall we get this battle started?

(Casper holds up 2 bakugan)

Wolfgang: No fair, you have two Bakugan

Casper: Afraid so... Bakugan brawl! Bakugan stand! Rise Haos Klavazer and Haos Stranektoid!

Wolfgang: How am I supposed to win this?

Neostrike: Haven't a clue...

Sentrix: Huh, where am I?

Wolfgang: Hey, look, another Bakugan.

Sentrix: Who are you?

Wolfgang: I'm Wolfgang and we're in this weird Haos demension or something. Will you help me defeat that girl over there?

Sentrix: I guess...

Wolfgang: Cool, by the way what's your name?

Sentrix: I'm Sentrix.

Wolfgang: Nice to meet you Sentrix. Anyways let's go! Bakugan brawl! Bakugan stand! Come on Haos Neostrike and Haos Sentrix!

Casper: Combo ability activate! Moonlight laser!

(Klavazer and Stranektoid put one of their arms together and fire a lazer)

Wolfgang: Ability activate! Haos shield!

(A shield forms around Sentrix and Neostrike, shielding them from the blast)

Wolfgang: Combo ability activate! Sentry blade!

(Sentrix morphs into a sword which shoots a beam at Stranektoid, blowing it up)

Casper: No! Alas, though it was just a robot... Ability activate! Klavez blast!

(A beam fires at Neostrike)

Wolfgang: Combo ability activate! Propel beam!

(Sentrix propels Neostrike up in the air and Neostrike fires a beam at Klavazer, defeating it)

Casper: Ugh... Don't think this is over, Wolfgang.

(Casper steps into a portal)

Wolfgang: Yes! Anyways who do you belong to Sentrix?

Sentrix: A girl named Taylor, Matthew knows her. By the way, do you know if Matthew has a crush on Taylor?

Wolfgang: I don't know, but I'll ask him if I get the chance.

Sentrix: Thanks.

Noestrike: Anyways, how are we going to get out of here?

Wolfgang: Hm, how ARE we going to get out of here?

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