(Mean while)

Storm: Velcom to my layer Nathan. Muhahahahahaha!

Nathan: Wow, you're really physcopathic. (Thinking) Just like me... Weird...

Storm: Well let's get started shall we??? Bakugan brawl!!!!! Bakugan stand! Aww yeah Thundrex! Let's get this partay roooollliiiiin!!!

Nathan: Uh... Ok... Bakugan brawl! Bakugan stand! Let's go Cheetoid!

Storm: Ability activate!!! Lightning missle!!!

(A huge missle surging with electricity fires at Cheetoid)

Nathan: Ability activate! Stealth alpha!

(Cheetoid dissaperes and the attack misses)

Storm: Oh, come on are you kidding me!?!

Nathan: Ha! Nice job cheetoid.

Cheetoid: Thanks.

Storm: Thundrex, you heard where he's talking attack him!!!

Cheetoid: Aw ma- ow!

Nathan: Ability activate! Sky claw!

(Cheetoid leaps in the air and rains down with a claw)

Storm: Thundrex start spinning around

(The attack still lands regardless of spinning)

Nathan: How did that help

Storm: It didn't I just like spinning.

Nathan: ...

Storm: Ability activate! Super stormy mega blast special spin power

(Ligtning surges around Thundrex and he spins toward Cheetoid)

Nathan: Cheetoid run!

(Cheetoid easily out runs Thundrex)

Nathan: Ability activate! Sky claw!

(Cheetoid runs behind Thundrex and leaps toward him)

Storm: Now Thundrex!

(Thundrex spins backward and hits Cheetoid)

Cheetoid: Ow!

Nathan: Ability activate! Atmos beam

(A large beam fires at Thundrex and he is defeated)

Storm: You may have won this round Nathan but I'll be back, you here me I'll be back (Laughs evily and walks backward into a portal)

Nathan: Man, that guy is so crazy it's redicolous.

Cheetoid: Almost as crazy as you.

Nathan: Shut up! No one's crazyer than me.

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