(at the park)

Lionex: It looks like we were too late...

Fang: Afraid so...

Wolfgang: Not you again.

Fang: Ah, yes young Wolfgang...

(5 shadowy figures appear)

Fang: Meet my team... Ash, Steam, Molt, Casper, and Storm...

Storm: Yeah! Let's Takem' down! Get set to get dead punks!!

Casper: Would you SHUT UP!!!

Fang: Would both of you shut up!?!

Megan: Why did you destroy the park?

Molt: Cuz we knew it would bring you guys here

Steam: Look regardless were gonna try and kill you guys.

Nathan: What!?

(Portals open up, and each one pulls in brawlers of a respective attribute)

Sentrix: Now where is Matthew... OH MY GOSH!!

(Sentrix gets pulled in the haos portal)

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