Matthew: Well lesson 2... THINK FAST!!!

(Chucks ball at Wolfgang, Wolfgang blocks)

Wolfgang: What the heck!?!

Drerex: Reflex, just incase someone uses an ability that turns the whole battle around.

Wolfgang: Ya, well anyone can hit a ball

Matthew: Not when it's hurddled at them at 20 miles an hour at five feet away from him.

Neo: Granted...

(Nathan walks into the room)

Nathan: Hi Matthew... Who's the new kid?

Matthew: This is Wolfgang and his partner Neostrike.

Wolfgang: Hi

Nathan: Hi

Matthew: He's a haos brawler.

Nathan: Well, now we have ventus, haos, darkus, pyrus, and aqous.

Wolfgang: Who's aqous?

Matthew: My little sister Megan.

Wolfgang: What's with all the "M"s in your family

Matthew: Long story... Anyway, Megan will be home tomorrow.

Wolfgang: Cool, now all we need is subterra.

(Michael walks in the room)

Michael: Hey guys.

Matthew, Wolfgang, and Nathan: Hi

(Knocks are heard)

Michael: Go get it.

Matthew: But-

Michael, Wolfgang, and Nathan: Go... get... it...

Matthew: Fine...

(opens door)

Kid: Hi, my name's Kyle and-

(Matthew slams the door in his face)

Nathan: Who was it?

Matthew: Some guy selling somthing, or somthing...


Kyle: That's not why I'm here.

(Matthew opens up door)

Kyle: I'm new in town and somone told me this is the place to go to learn how to brawl.


Wolfgang: I'm two rooms away you don't need to shout...

Matthew: 'Tis a stress relieaving method.

Kyle: 'Tis?

Matthew: Ya 'tis.

(next day)

Michael: Megan's gonna be home any minute.

Nathan: Ugghh...

Kyle: Ugghhh?

Nathan: She's a demon...

Wolfgang: She can't be that bad.

(Nathan pulls up his sleve and turns his arm to reveal a huge scar)

Nathan: See this... That's when she was seven.

Matthew: That was years ago.

Nathan: So?

Michael: She went to counciling.

Nathan: Good.

(Knocks) (Michael opens the door two reveal a girl with luggage)

Michael: Megan!

Matthew: Hi Megan.

Megan: C'mon Matthew, I've been away for two weeks, show some enthusiasm

Nathan: Where did you go.

Matthew: Ireland.

Wolfgang: Why Ireland?

Michael: That's where are mom grew up.

Wolfgang: Oh.

Kyle: So, now we have every attribute.

Nathan: Ya.

(an explosion is heard)

Megan: That sounded like it came from the park!

Kyle: Let's go!

(All run off but Kyle runs the wrong way)

Matthew: Other way Kyle.

(Kyle turns around and runs)

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