Michael: Hey Matthew, you know how we had that empty room and we didn't know what to do with it?

Matthew: Yeah, why

Michael: Well there's this guy about our age and he's new an town, he has a bakugan, but he's not that good of a brawler yet, so I decided maby we could teach him.

Matthew: So you brought this kid we don't know, and no one in town knows for that matter, into our house with all our personal possesions?

Michael: Yeah, I guess

Matthew: Cool!

Michael: ... Anyways his name is-

(Footsteps are heard)

Michael: Well I guess I'll let him introduce himself.

Kid: I'm Wolfgang.

Matthew: Hi Wolfgang. I'm Matthew.

Wolfgang: Hi.

Matthew: What bakugan is that?

Wolfgang: This is Neostrike.

Neostrike: It is a pleasure to make your aquiantence.

Matthew: You don't need to be so formal, just so you know.

Wolfgang: He's always this formal.

Matthew: Oh... A pleasure to make your aquntence too Neo... I guess... (Thinking) What the heck does aquintence mean?... I guess I'll just Google it later...

Lionex: Since your new, why don't we show you around town?

Wolfgang: Sounds cool

(Michael, Lionex, Wolfgang, and Neo walk out the door)

???: Well, this is perfect, now I can kill you with no one here to hear it...

Matthew: Wah... Who are you

(A shodowy figure drops to the floor)

???: Ah, yes I've been so unformal... allow me to introduce myself... I'm Fang... Fang Yran

Matthew: Hey, is your last name a scramble of my middle name?

Fang: Depends on what your middle name is.

Matthew: Ryan

Fang: Well then no I hate that name

Matthew: Shut up! (Mumbles) I like my middle name...

Fang: Anyways. I'm here to kill you...

(Michael, Wolfgang, and their bakugan walk in)

Wolfgang: Hey, Matthew I'm back and ready to start lessons on brawli- OH MY GOSH WHAT IS THAT!?!

Matthew: You want to be taught, wondeful, lesson one help my battle this guy.

Michael: I better help too.

(Fang shoots Michael with a dark energy blast)

Matthew: Michael!... Hey, coudn't we settle this over a game of Yugioh or something?...

(Fang Shoots Matthew with dark energy)

Wolfgang: Well I guess it's up to me ready Neo?

Neo: Yep

Wolfgang: Bakugan Brawl! Bakugan Stand! Let's get this done Neo

Fang: Bakugan Brawl! Bakugan Stand! Rise Darkus Neoshade!

Neo: A dark clone... Of me?

Wolfgang: Relax, It's just a clone... Ability, Activate! Star Blade

(Atemps to slash Neoshade with star blade but Shade dodges)

Fang: Abillity Activate! Dark Blade!

(Neo and Shade get in a sword fight but Shade prevales)

Neo: I'm feeling weak...

Wolfgang: Don't worry Neo we can get through this if we work together!

Fang: Oh please spare me of your annoying peptalk.

Wolfgang: Ability activate! Heaven Beam!

Fang: Ability Activate Shadow Beam

- = Heaven Beam ' = Shadow Beam


Wolfgang: Come one Neo we can do this if we work together!


Neo: Your right. Let's do this partner

Fang: Noooo! I'll be back with my own bakugan hopefully... I hope the writer's not lazy enough to only give me a copy again...

Matthew: Hey, Shut up!

Fang: I will be back though...

(Fades into a dark mist)

Matthew: Nice battle.

Wolfgang: Thanks!

Matthew: I'd say you passed lesson 1 with flying colors.

Wolfgang: Wait, you didn't even see the battle.

Matthew: I wrote the battle

Wolfgang: Oh... I'm getting tired of this fourth wall breaking scene.

Matthew: Me too.

Neo: What do you say we get on to lesson 2.

Drerex: Let's go!

Wolfgang: Shouldn't we make shure Michael and Lionex are alright first

Matthew: Meh.

(Matthew and Wolfgang walk off)

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