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S. Drerex: You die here!

Jorge: Not so fast! *Volcan and throws it in the air* Lio, catch!

Lionex: *Burns it in mid air.*

Doomrik: *About to attack Drerex while he's distracted.*

Sentrix: *Shoots at Doomrik*

Taylor: Matthew, let's do a team ability!

Taylor and Matthew: Team ability activate! Dark beam!

(Drerex transfers some darkus energy to Sentrix, which it uses to fire a dark beam at Doomrik and S. Drerex, defeating them.)

Michael: Finally, we did it!

Matthew: Yeah! Hey, Drerex you all right?

Drerex: *Glowing* I think I'm evolving.

(Drerex evolves into Alphax Drerex)

Matthew: Woah! Nothing could make this day worse!

(At least 50 Bakugan surround them)

Matthew: Well then... Anyone up for another team ability?

All: Team ability acticate! Multilaser!

(A large multicolored laser fires out of all of them, defeating all of their opponenets)

Nathan: When we get on the ship, no one touches mah food hole!

(On the ship)

Taylor: Hey, Matthew?

Matthew: What's up Taylor?

Taylor: Did you really mean what you said back there? About loving me?

Matthew: I did. Why, do you not like me?

Taylor: Well, I think the answer was obvious since I kissed you a while back.

Matthew: Well then how about we see that new movie, The Avengers, this Saturday?

Taylor: Sure, *kisses Matthew on the cheek*

Matthew: Still can't get over how good that feels.


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