(About a month after episode 23)

Michael: *Pacing around* ... I just don't get it...

Matthew: *Eating Ramen noodles* What?

Michael: Why did they attack you and then just not dominate the world?

Matthew: Maybe they're planning an attack?

Michael: Maybe. In which case we should attack now.

Matthew: Let's go then.

Michael: Okay then, I'll contact eveyone.

Matthew: No. Don't.

Michael: Why?

Matthew: This is something we have to do alone.

Michael: Okay. But we need the coordinates to Grurexia from Volcanoid, and Jorge'll want to come.

Matthew: Then so be it.

Michael: *Calls Jorge* Hey is Volcanoid there?

Jorge: Yeah, why?

Michael: I need the coordinates to Grurexia. We're going to end this battle with them.

Jorge: Can I come?

Michael: Sure, bring Volcanoid too.

Jorge: K.

Jorge: *Walks in* I brought Volcanoid.

Michael: Good. Let's go.

Taylor: *Walks in the room* Hey guys.

Michael: Heyyyy... Taylor...

Taylor: Where are you guys going?

Jorge: To... the... bathroom?..

Taylor: All of you?

Matthew: It's a guy thing... You wouldn't understand.

Taylor: Oh, I think I do understand.

Matthew: Oh... Okayyyy theeeeeen. *Runs toward the ship*

Taylor: Hey, what are you guys doing!? And don't lie this time, I'll be able to tell.

Matthew: Fine, we're going to Grurexia to stop this battle.

Taylor: Okay, let me grab Sentrix before we go.

Matthew: You can't come Taylor.

Taylor: Yes I can.

Matthew: No, you can't.

Taylor: *Right in front of Matthew* Yes I can. Oh! and did I mention how handsome you look today?

Matthew: Fine! You can come.

(Everyone walks into the ship only to find Nathan eating a pizza pocket*

Matthew: Nathan, what are you doing in my ship?

Nathan: Your ship? What are you doing in my food hole?

Matthew: It's not your food hole, now leave.

Nathan: *Throws Cheetoid at Matthew*

Matthew: Ow! Fine, you can stay.

(In Grurexia)

Michael: I feel sick.

Jorge: Maybe we shouldn't have eaten the airline food.

Nathan: I told you not to touch my food.

Matthew: So where's this evil group.

(Everyone sees a cave with a giant flashing sign reading "Evil Group Entrance"

Michael: Well then.

(Everyone walks in)

Fang: Gah! How did you find our seceret base!?

Matthew: Maybe you shouldn't have put up a sign that says "Evil Group Entrance"

Fang: Yeah, maybe. Anyways this ends here! Let's brawl! After all this is my domain

Matthew: Then you must be the Grurexian king! I'll take you on! Bakugan-

???: Enough

Matthew: YOU!

???: Glad to see you're still alive Matthew.

Fang: Father, let me kill him! I'll show you I'm worthy to take over Earth.

???: No.

Matthew: Father!? So you're not the Grurexian king.

Fang: Nope. I'm the prince. My father, Claw, is the king!

Matthew: Fine! I'll take you both on! Bak-

Claw: *Suddenly holding Taylor. Ah, ah, aaahhh. Wouldn't want to hurt your friend would you?

Michael: O_O

Matthew: She's more then a friend! I love her!... Did I just say that out loud?

Jorge: Yup.

Matthew: Oooohh. Whoops?

Nathan: *Suddenly swipes Taylor away from Claw* Go for'em Matthew.

Jorge: Nathan! But how'd you-?

Nathan: I've been taking years of Tie-kwan-do just waiting for this moment.

(IRL Nathan really does take Tie-kwan-do, but not to save my crush from aliens.)

Matthew: All right!

Matthew, and Claw: Bakugan Brawl! Bakugan stand!

Matthew: Let's end this Drerex!

Drerex: Will do!

Claw: Kill them Shadow Drerex! I want their heads mounted on a plaque.

Drerex: It seems he means buisness Matthew.

Matthew: I know. Ability activate! Shadow comet!

(Multiple comets fire at S. Drerex.)

Claw: Destroy them Shadow Drerex.

(S. Drerex destroys the comets mearly with a swipe of his claws.)

Matthew: What!? Fine. Ability activate! Dark blade!

Claw: Shadow blade.

(Drerex and S. Drerex both spawn in swords and get in a sword battle, but Drerex is easily knocked to the ground)

S. Drerex: *Puts his blade to Drerex's kneck* Today you die!

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