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Matthew: * Regaining consciousness* Huh- wh- where am I?

Nathan: Narnia.

Matthew: REALLY!? *Springs up*

Nathan: Nope! You're in a hopsital!

Michael: *hospital.

Nathan: No but- no but- shut up.

Megan: You're going to have to go to rehab for your arm you do know that right?

Matthew: I am?

Nathan: I'm afraid tortilla my friend.

Kyle: You people have the most oddball conversations sometimes.


Kyle: K.

Doctor: It seems you were shot young man.

Matthew: You don't say?

Doctor: In the left shoulder. You can't do any sports or anything to that extend for a while unless it's one handed, but it says here you're left handed so it should be difficult doing things right handed.

Matthew: Silly doctor, your medical staff is stupid. I'm ambeedextris ambydextris both handed.

Doctor: However you won't need to go to rehab.

Nathan: *Staring at Megan*

Doctor: Yes, the gun wasn't very powerful, but you passed out from shock.

Kyle: *Jokingly* WUSSS!!!

Matthew: Shut up, you try getting shot. Trust me, it ain't easy.

Drerex: By the way after you passed out you landed on me in your pocket.

  • And thus because I am tired from being up until 2 o'clock in the morning last night, the episode ends with Matthew recovering.*

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