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(During the events of Episode 21)

(In an alley)

Taylor: Hey, didn't we already use this scene?

Matthew: Yeah, but I planned this episode in my head a while back.

(Fang, Storm, and a hooded man randomly show up)

Nathan: Who's the hooded man?

???: ...

Nathan: *Pulls the hood of the hooded man only to reveal another hood* Fine, I see how it is...

Taylor: Maybe if we ask politely? Excuse me but who are you sir?

???: ...

Matthew: ...

???: ...

Taylor: ...

???: ...

Nathan: ,,,

Matthew: *Grabs hood to reveal a third hood* I'm done with this let's just brawl.

All except ???: Bakugan brawl! Bakugan stand!

Taylor: Let's battle Sentrix!

Nathan: TACOS!

Sentrix: Wha-

Cheetoid: J-j-just don't question it.

Matthew: Take'em out Drerex!

Fang & Strom: ...Rise...

Matthew: Nathan let's do a combo ability.

Nathan: K. Taylor cover us.

Taylor: Ok.

Matthew, Nathan and Taylor: Combo ability activate!

Matthew: Shadow comet!

Nathan: Desert tornado!

Taylor: Sheild beam!

(All three bakugan are protected as Drerex and Cheetoid charge up, and fire their colliding attacks to both the opponent bakugan, defeating them.)

Fang, Storm and ???: ...

???: Good...

Nathan: Lolk?

???: *Pulls out a gun*

Matthew, Nathan, and Taylor: !

???: *Fires two bullets at Taylor and Nathan*

Matthew: NO! *Matthew moves his hand in the direction of the bullets and they go flying into the wall*

???: Good... You have unlocked your powers... Join us...

Matthew: uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh-

Storm: Well?

Matthew: uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh-

Fang: Well!?

Matthew: uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh-

???: WELL!?

Matthew: ...... NOPE! :3

???: *Shoots Matthew in the shoulder*

Matthew: That was my brawling arm!- *looses conciousness*

(In Matthew's head)

Talking Voice in the Sky (That's what I call the intercom at my school) : Matthew... You must tell the world that you're going to finnish the season in four days or less for the premire of Bakugan Galaxy!

Matthew: Nope! :3

Talking Voice in the Sky: *Shoots Matthew's other shoulder*

Matthew: Oh come on!

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