(Wolfgang and Kyle are inside a ruined building)

Wolfgang: Why are we in an ruined building?

(Because I said so)

Kyle: Why can't we be in a peacful flower field?

(Fiiiiinnneee! Wolfgang and Kyle are in a BURNING ruined bulding)

Kyle: WHAT! Fine! lets hurry up and finish this episode!

Wolfgang: Hey look people!

???: What are you kids doing in a burning building?

Wolfgang: The narrator hates us.

???: Oh. Well let's get out of here


Kyle: So who are you guys?

???: Oh, uhhhh...

Kyle: ?

???: We're uhhhh...

Wolfgang: Why is it so hard to answer we just want to know your names.

???: Fine you got us it's Molt, and this guy.

Wolfgang: This guy! O_O My nemesis!

This Guy: Wolfgang... I'ts been a long time...

Wolfgang: *Throws Neo at This Guy's eye*

This Guy: Ow! My eye! You monster.

Molt: Uhh... *running off* Henchman do my work for me!

Kyle: Wait before you go!

Molt: Huh?

Kyle and Wolfgang: Bakugan brawl! Bakugan stand!

Kyle: Take'em down Pythex!

Wolfgang: Let's get them Neo!

This Guy: Bakugan brawl! Rise That Guy! Ability activate! The!

Wolfgang: Not the!

Kyle: ?

  • Pythex randomly combusts*

Wolfgang: Oh noooooooo!

Kyle: Oh my God! Pythex are you allright!?

Pythex: Yeah why wouldn't I b- OH MY GOD I'M ON FIRE! *Defeated*

Wolfgang: *Gasp* You monster! Double ability activate! Neo sword plus Neo Sheild!

  • The is fired at Neo, but neo sheild blocks it. Then while That Guy is out of energy, Neo uses neo blade and defeats it.*

This Guy: Mark my words Wolfgang this won't be the last time we meet! Muahahahaha- *Wolfgang throws Neo at This Guy* Ow my other eye!

  • A gunshot is heard*

Molt: Hah, so everything is going according to- *Another gunshot is hear* Hey! I wasn't done talking!

What do you think the gunshot was?

The poll was created at 19:56 on October 10, 2012, and so far 4 people voted.

Molt: I still wasn't done tal-

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