Matthew & Nathan: Bakugan brawl!

Nathan: Bakugan Stand! Go Ventus Cheetoid!

Matthew: Bakugan Stand! Let's Win this Drerex

Drerex: I here ya! Let's go!

Nathan: Ability Activate! Cheetah rush!

(Cheetoid Runs too fast to see in circles)

Drerex: Huh? What is he doing?

(A Tornado Forms)

Drerex: AHH!

Matthew: Hang in there Drerex!

Drerex: Woah!

(Falls over)

Cheetoid: Toughen up Darkie!

Drerex: Who you call'in Darkie?

Cheetoid: Well you're darkus arn't you?

Drerex: Just don't call me Darkie

Matthew: Can we just get on to the battle? Ability Activate! Shadow Commet!

(Commets surrounded with dark fire form in Drerex's hand and Drerex throws them at cheetoid, Cheetoid is struck with three of the four commets)

Cheetoid: OW!

(Fourth commet comes flying toward him)

Nathan: Ability Activate! Thunder Claw!

(Claws come out of Cheetoid's hand and is surging with electricity, Cheetoid Smashes the Shadow Commet)

Drerex: HEY! MY COMMET!!!

(Commet Heads for Drerex)

Matthew: Ability Activate! Dark Reflector!

(Drerex Absorbs The Meteor Fragments and fires a dark blast at Cheetoid)

Cheetoid: AHH!

(Cheetoid Reverts to ball form)

Matthew: Yes We Won!

Drerex: That'll teach you for calling me "Darkie"

Cheetoid: You're still dwelling over that?

Drerex: Yes, Yes I am.

Nathan: Good game Matthew.

Matthew: Good game.

Taylor: Good game guys

Matthew: Oh, Hi Taylor. You saw the fight?

Taylor: Yeah and you were great Matthew!.. I mean... You were both great.

Nathan: That's fine

Taylor: You guys didn't get those at the store we don't sell those.

Matthew: Yeah I found mine st the park

Nathan: and I got mine in the "Mail"

Taylor: What do you mean the "Mail"

Cheetoid: He stole me from a goverment lab

Taylor: Oh... That makes sense

Matthew: It wouldn't make any sense if it were any but him.

Taylor: Well I gotta go my breaks over bye Matthew... And Nathan

Matthew & Nathan: Bye.

Matthew: She kept only mentioning me.

Nathan: Yeah I felt left out...

Matthew: Do you think she has a crush on me

Drerex: Seemed so

Matthew: I sure hope so.

Nathan: anyway nice battle.

Matthew: You too.

Nathan: Wanna go to McDonalds

Matthew: and eat horse meet no thanks, lets hit a subway

Nathan: Alright.

(at the bakugan store)

Taylor: man, I bet I sounded like an idiot...

Haos Sentrix: You didn't sound that bad.

Taylor: Yes I did. He's never gonna like me now...

Sentrix: Look, what if I spyed on them?

Taylor: Would you?

Sentrix: Sure

Taylor: Oh thank you so much sentrix!

Sentrix: No problem

(sentrix flyes off)

Sentrix: (Sighs) The things I do for Taylor...

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