Michael: Frankly Jorge, I don't think you need this, but Matthew's making us train.

Jorge: Meh.

Michael: Bakuga-

Computer: Warning. Danger located nearby.

Michael: Huh. *Walks over to computer* There's are 4 attacks down town!

(In main hall) (Everyone meets up)

Matthew: *Paces* 4 attacks down town huh?

Michael: That's what the computer said.

Matthew: All right..

Michael: Megan and I will go here, *mouses over a place on the map of down town* Kyle, Wolfgang, will go here, *mouses over another spot* Jorge and Alex will go here *mouses over another spot* And Matthew, Taylor, and Nathan will go here *mouses over another spot*

Matthew: All right, let's get crack'in.

  • Sorry for the short episode but there's a lot more to come.*

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