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(In the training room at Matthew's House)

Matthew: Man where is Michael?

(Door opens)

Michael: Here's your recruit Matthew.

Alex: Hi.

Matthew: Hi. Well we've got Darkus, Haos, and Pyrus. That's a team and a half.

Alex: So where are the others?

Matthew: One of them is here, and I told the other one to be here at three and its... (Looks down at watch) 2:55.

Alex: Well I'm ready.

Matthew: Michael, can you go get Jorge?

Michael: Sure thing. *Leaves room*

Matthew: Allright well are you re-

(Taylor enters the room)

Matthew: H-Hi Taylor...

Taylor: Hi... So Matthew, when I ki-

Alex: If I could interupt, hi I'm Alex.

Taylor: Hi, I'm Taylor.

Alex: *Whispers to Matthew* You can thank me later.

Matthew: Anyways, Wolfgang should be out in a second.

(Wolfgang enters the room)

Wolfgang: Oh, Taylor's here. Well if you'll just come with me. *Wolfgang and Taylor walk away*

Matthew: Allright, well you ready?

Alex: Yup.

Matthew: OK. Bakugan brawl! Bakugan stand! Rise Drerex!

Alex: Wait, I don't have a bakugan!

Matthew: Oh... Come here. *Enters lab with Alex* This is something Michael's been working on. *Holds out bakugan.*

Alex: It's a bakugan... Couldn't we just buy this...

Matthew: It's not just a bakugan, It's artifficial life.

Alex: Uh... Ok...

(Bakugan opens up)

Bakugan: Huh... Where am I...

Drerex: Welcome to Earth, your our creation.

Matthew: We haven't named him yet, you want to?

Alex: Sure, How about... Shadrex!

Shadrex: That sounds awsome!

Matthew: Alright, now were ready. *reenters room with Alex*

Alex: Ok! Bakugan brawl! Bakugan stand! You ready for this Shadrex?

Shadrex: Yup!

Matthew: Bakugan brawl! Bakugan stand! Let's take'm down Drerex!

Drerex: That's the best you could do?

Matthew: Well, I'm saying this of the top of my head.

Drerex: Oh.

Alex: Ability activate! Shadow spear!

(Shadrex throws a spear at Drerex)

Drerex: OW!

Matthew: Hmph... Ability activate! Shadow comet!

(Drerex launches comets at Shadrex)

Alex: double ability activate! Stun beam! Plus dark hammer!

(The comets get stuck in mid air, and Shadrex knocks the comet's back at Drerex)

Matthew: Drerex, Jump on top of them!

(Drerex jumps across the comets)

Matthew: Now, ability activate! Void render!

(Drerex makes a void area into a dark ball and hurls it at Shadrex defeating him)

Drerex: *reverts to ball form* When did we get that ability?

Matthew: I don't know.

Alex: Nice job Shadrex.

Shadrex: Thanks.

Matthew: Alex, what you need to work on is counter abilities.

Alex: but what about stun beam?

Matthew: Sure, stun beam was pretty good, but you need something to ensure it'll hit Drerex. He was easily able to avoid that attack, but I'll be honest, you were pretty good. I even had to whip out a new ability.

Alex: So I guess we both need to practice huh?

Matthew: Yup.

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