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(Matthew's House)

Michael: So there not even human?

Voloid: Nope, there a race called Grurexians.

Wolfgang: Hey look alien sightings. *shows laptop*

Voloid: Yup thats them.

Kyle: They look Nethian.

Voloid: They were once Nethians, but they were bannished by the queen they're looks were changed partialy in the demension they came from.

Nathan: Then they repopulated there demension?

Voloid: Yes.

Nathan: *Shutters*

Oceia: Well what kind of training do they have there.

Voloid: Brutal training. They've just been out of there element.

Matthew: Then maybe we need aprentices. Michael has Jorge, Taylor is haos so we can hopfully get her to team up with us *Thinking* *And unfortunatly she wont be with me...*

Megan: And the other attributes?

Matthew: Meh, we'll have a contest at the end of the episode. But let's go recruit Taylor.

(At the bakugan store)

Jorge: So this is the bakugan store?

Matthew: Yup. And there's Taylor.

Michael: Allright, go recruit her.

Matthew: No thanks I'm too nervous

Nathan: Matthew... Go...

Matthew: Bu-

Nathan: Matthew... Go...

Matthew: But I-

Nathan: Go.....

Matthew: Fine...*Walks up to Taylor* Hi Taylor.

Taylor: Hi.

Matthew: Remember those guys who attacked?

Taylor: Yeah.

Matthew: *Explains what has been happening* So we need your help.

Taylor: Sure.

Matthew: Alright! At about 3?

Taylor: Sure. *kisses Matthew*

Matthew: Cool... *walks away*

Michael: She coming?

Matthew: *Puts his hand on his face* Yup.

Okay so who wants to be in the story? We need Aquos, Ventus, Subterra, and Darkus. So leave a comment saying what you want to be. Bye

PS: even if your attribute isn't there or somebody already took your attribute go ahead and ask anyway, 12 people can't fight an entire alien race.

Michael: They do it in the anime.

Matthew: *Punches* It's my turn to talk.

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