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(The next day)

Kyle: Hey guys what if those weird guys attack again?

Michael: Then we'll beat them again. So?

Pythex: So, they'll probobly be stronger.

Kyle: Exactly my point. What if they train and get stronger then us?

Matthew: Impossible, remember how much stronger we were? Plus, we have 1 extra person.

Kyle: Well, ya but they train.

Matthew: Fine, we'll train.

(At the park)

Matthew: Well what exactly was your training plan?

Kyle: I don't know battle?

Nathan: Ugh, but we did that last episode.

Kyle: Well what else are we supposed to do?

Nathan: Fine.

All: Bakugan-

Taylor: Wait!

Matthew: Oh, uh, h- hi Taylor...

Taylor: Hi...

(Both blush)

Sentrix: Anyway, there was an attack downtown!

Cheetoid: What!

Neostrike: Let's go!


Ash: Hello, my enemies. And to you Voloid.

Voloid: You're weak Ash! You are by far the worst brawler I have ever seen, but in one battle with Joge at my side, even tough I lost it was the best battle I ever had.

Ash: We'll see who the real weakling is. Bakugan brawl! Bakugan stand! Let's Show this idiot who the real weaking is Pyrus Cybrex!

Michael: Bakuga-

Jorge: Wait! Michael, can I do this?

Michael: Be my guest.

Jorge: Thanks: Bakugan brawl! Bakugan stand! Let's take'em out Voloid!

Ash: Ability activate! Cyber flame!

(A beam of fire comes from a canon in Cybrex's mouth)

Jorge: *thinking uh, uh, what do I do?* Oh! Ability activate! Eruption canon!

(A canon fires 10 metiorites, 1 metiorite is destryed by the cyber flame, but the rest hit Cybrex)

Ash: Abilty activate! Dragon spear!

(Cybrex attacks with a spear badly wounding Voloid)

Jorge: Voloid!

Matthew: All right my turn!

(Matthew holds Rerex about to throw him, but Michael grabs his arm)

Michael: He's got this.

Jorge: Are you okay Voloid?

Voloid: Fine...

(Voloid gets back up)

Jorge: Ability activate! Explosive blade!

(Voloid pulls out a sword and gets into a fight with Cybrex, but is losing)

Jorge: Now Voloid!

(Voloid stabs Cybrex, and blows up the sword, defeating Cybrex)

Ash: Since when could Voloid do that!

Jorge: It's a little something we've been working on.

Ash: Well then I want him back!

(Runs for Jorge but Jorge dodges and hits Ash in the back of the head)

Ash: Hmph. Pethetic humans.

(Ash teleports away)

Jorge: He's not human?

Wolfgang: Guess not.

Kyle: Anyone else notice that all the bakugan attacks have been in this town?

Nathan: It makes the story more intresting

Kyle: I guess

(In Japan)

Japanese guy 1: Hey did you here there was another attack in America?

Japanese guy 2: Why do the terrorists hate America so much?

Japanese guy 1: No, a bakugan attack.

Japanese guy 2: Oh. Anyway, I just beat the new Pokémon game.

Japanese guy 1: That is so cool, are life should be a story on the interweb.

(In America)

Wolfgang: Anyone else feel like the 4th wall was brutally beaten in an ally?

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