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All: Bakugan brawl!

Jorge: Bakugan stand! Let's go Pyrus Voloid!

Voloid: *Roars*

Matthew: I'm first! Bakugan brawl! Bakugan stand! Let's go Drerex!

Jorge: Ability activate Lava beam!

(Voloid fires a beam of lava at Drerex)

Matthew: Ability activate! Dark reflector!

(The lava beam disapates as soon as it hits the sheild)

Voloid: What?!

Drerex: He he.

Matthew: Ability activate! Shadow comet!

(Drerex fires mutiple comets at Voloid defeating him)

Jorge: Aww man!

Matthew: You did pretty good for a first time brawler.

Jorge: Thanks! Great work Voloid!

Voloid: Thank you.

Michael: Me next! Bakugan brawl! Bakugan stand! You ready Lionex?

Lionex: Sure am!

Wolfgang: Bakugan brawl! Bakugan stand! Come on Neo!

Michael: Ability activate! Magma claw!

(Lionex claws at Neo)

Neo: Ow!

Wolfgang: Ability activate! Star blade!

(Lionex attemps clawing at Neo again, but is stoped by Neo's sword, and falls to the ground)

Lionex: *grunts and gets back up*

Michael: Ability activate! Fire ram!

(Lionex's maine turns to fire and attemps to ram into Neo, but enters a push war with Neo using his sword)

Lionex and Neo: grrrrrrAAAAAAHHHH!

(Lionex breaks through the sword and rams into Neo defeating him)

Wolfgang: Ugh...

Nathan: I'm left!

Kyle & Megan: My turn!

Nathan: Well I can't battle you both.

Matthew: Well then I guess it's round two for me.

Nathan: All right!

Matthew, Nathan, Kyle, and Megan: Bakugan brawl! Bakugan stand!

Nathan: Let's finnish this Cheetoid!

Matthew: Let's tak'em down Drerex!

Megan: Let's win this Ociea!

Ociea: As if we have a choice.

Drerex: Don't get too cocky.

Kyle: You heard Megan, let's win this Pythex!

Nathan: Ability activate! Sky claw!

(Cheetoid uses sky claw and defeats both Ociea and Pythex)

Matthew: *Plays tape recorder*

Megan: Well. Battles over.

Matthew: All right let's go.

(Everyone walks away)

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