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???: Michael is that you?

Micheal: Huh *turns around* Jorge!

Jorge: Hey, Michael.

Michael: What are you doing here? I thought your family moved back to Mexico?

Jorge: Ironicly my dad got transfered here.

Matthew: Long time no see man.

Jorge: Hey Matthew.

Michael: You still brawling?

Jorge: Yeah, I'm using pyrus. That reminds me where's the bakugan store? I wanna buy one.

Michael: Well actually I found a pyrus bakugan recently. So scince I have 2 here.

(Gives Jorge Voloid)

Jorge: Woah, cool, thanks.

Voloid: Pleasure to meet you.

Jorge: Cool, it talks!

Matthew: Why don't we all have a battle to break him in.

Jorge: Free for all?

Michael: I was thinking more along the lines of teams.

Matthew: All right we'll take a vote. All those who want to do a team battle say "I"

All: I

Matthew: it's decided! Michael, Jorge, Megan, and Kyle on 1 team, and Me, Nathan, and Wolfgang on the other.

Kyle: But that's 3 on one team, and 4 on other, how's that fair?

Matthew: What do you care? You're on the team of 4.

Kyle: Granted.

Nathan: So, let's get started.

All: Bakugan brawl!

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