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Fang: This is the dark demension... Welcome.

Matthew: You mean the doom demension?

Fang: No, the dark demension.

Matthew: No, I'm pretty sure you mean the doom demension.

Fang: Shut up! Bakugan brawl! Bakugan stand! Rise Doomrik!

Matthew: Oh look, you finally have your own bakugan. Baugan brawl! Bakugan stand! Let's go Drerex!

Fang: Ablity activate! Dark Emission!

(Doomrik fires a dark beam at Drerex)

Matthew: Ability activate! Dark armor!

(Drerex gains armor and uses his sheild to deflect the blast)

Matthew: Ability activate! Shadow comet!

(Comets form and fly at Doomrik in all directions, and hit)

Doomrik: Ugh...

Fang: Ability activate! Dark missle!

(A missle launcher appears and fires a missle at Drerex, but he dodges.)

Drerex: Heh, that wasn't too hard.

Doomrik: Did I not mention that it has a homing device?

Drerex: Huh?

(Drerex turns around and gets hit by the missle knocking him on the ground)

Fang: Ability activate! Doom guilitine!

(A guilitine appears over Drerex still lying on the ground)

Fang: This ability not only will defeat Drerex, but kill him!

Matthew: WHAT!

(Drerex closes his eyes and turns his head to the side thinking he's about to die)

Wolfgang: Ability activate! Heaven beam!

(The beam hit's the guilitine knocking it on the ground)

Kyle: Ability activate! Reforge sword!

(The metal of the guilitine reforges into a sword and flies into Drerex's hand)

Pythex: You know what to do.

Fang: Ability activate! Warlock blade!

(Doomrik gains a sword and the two lock into an intense battle)

Michael: Ability activate! Magma claw!

(Lionex leaps toward Doomrik but is quickly defeated by his sword)

Drerex: Lionex!

Matthew: Now's our chance! Hit him!

(Drerex hits Doomrik defeating him)

Drerex: Lionex, you OK?

Lionex: *Grunts* Yeah I'm fine.

Nathan: But how do we get outta here?

(All are teleported back to the park)

Sentrix: Well...

Matthew: Hey, I know you, your Taylor's bakugan.

Sentrix: Yeah. By the way do you... Like Taylor?

Matthew: *Blushes* Taylor likes me?

Sentrix: Defenatly!

Matthew: Oh... *Blushes*

Sentrix: Well, I gotta go. *Flies off*

???: Michael is that you?

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