Steam: This is the aqous demension Megan, welcome.

Megan: Who are you!?

Steam: Wer'nt you listening a couple episodes ago? I'm Steam.

Megan: Well than Steam, let's go!

Steam: I couldn't agree more. Bakugan brawl! Bakugan stand! Let's get this done Krakenel!

Megan: Bakugan brawl! Bakugan stand! Come on Ociea!

Steam: Ability activate! Tentical charge!

(A charge of blue energy fires at Ociea)

Megan: Ability activate! Aqous sheild!

(A sheild of water covers Ociea and protects her from the blast)

Megan: Yes! Ability activate! Tsunami blast!

(A tsunami forms and floods the arena defeating Krakenel, but the water overflows; It is assumed Steam got into a portal with Krakenel)

Megan: Ah!

Ociea: Don't worry I got you.

Megan: You can tread water?

Ociea: Well, duh, I'm aqous.

Megan: Meh.

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