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Matthew: But...Why not?...Fine (Hangs up phone)

Nathan: Who was that?

Matthew: My mom. She said she wouldn't give me my allowance early so I could go to the bakugan store.

Nathan: Why would you want to go to the bakugan store? I'ts filled with cheezey fake bakugan that don't talk.

Matthew: It's better than nothing. Besides I have a crush on the store clerk

Nathan: Patrica?

Matthew: No. The one whose shift is after Patrica, Taylor

Nathan: Oh, Taylor.

Matthew: Yeah... Taylor...

(bell sounds)

Matthew: WHAT! (falls over)

Nathan: Relax, It's just my phone, I got a text... It's from my dad. Got to go see you tomorrow

Matthew: Bye

(At Matthew's House)

Michael: Hi Matthew

Matthew: Hi...

Michael: You ok?

Matthew: Yeah, I'm just dissapointed because Mom said I can't get a bakugan at the store

Michael: Oh

(rustling comes from Michael's pocket)

Matthew: What's that?

Michael: I didn't want to show you because were sad about not having a bakugan

Matthew: What is it?

(bakugan flies out of Michael's pocket)

Pyrus Lionex: Me.

Matthew: No fair you got a bakugan!? And it talks!?

Michael: Yeah, his name is Lionex

Matthew: Where did you find him?

Lionex: I was in a fake volcano at the zoo

Michael: And he was injured so I saved him

Lionex: I'm fine now though.

Matthew: Oh... Well it's getting late so I should go to sleep

Michael: Yeah me too. G'night

Matthew: G'ningt

(The next day at the park)

Matthew: Man, I sure wish I had a bakugan... I SAID, MAN I SURE WISH I HAD A BAKUGAN!!!

(ball falls from the sky)

Matthew: Ow Clechieness hurts.

Darkus Drerex: Tell me about it

Matthew: Wow a bakugan. This scene gets clechier by the second. so your darkus Drerex?

Drerex: How did you know my name? can you see into the feauter?

Matthew: No, but I can read a screen.

Drerex: That's true

(Nathan enters the park)

Matthew: Hi Nathan

Nathan: Hi

Both: By the way look what I got. What did you get? A bakugan. What did you get. My Gosh this is clechie.

Nathan: Mine's name is Cheetoid, and he even looks like a cheetah he's awsome.

Matthew: Mine's name is-

Drerex: Drerex, pleasure to make you're aquientance.

Cheetoid: Your's too.

Matthew: Well, now that we have bakugan, want to battle?

Nathan: Sure

Both: Bakugan Brawl

(Somewhere else)

???: Yes my pawns give me energy, give me enough energy to take over this blasted planet...

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