Night's Evil
Night's Evil
Written by: Darkness Pizza
Number of episodes: 25 (+Alternate ending)
Series length November 24, 2011 - November 11, 2012
Status Ended

Night's Evil is a story written by Darkness Pizza. All the characters are 12 except for Michael, who is 13.


One day, 12 year-old Matthew encounters a Bakugan at the park, Drerex, which becomes his Guardian Bakugan. Days later he discovers an alien race called Grurexians, which was a race started by banished Neathians forced to evolve. And it is up to Matthew and his friends to stop the Grurexians as they try to take over the world.




  • Fang (Not based on anyone)
  • Ash (Not based on anyone)
  • Steam (Not based on anyone)
  • Molt (Not based on anyone)
  • Casper (Not based on anyone)
  • Storm (Not based on anyone)


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