Wolf has been chained up, two handcuffs from the roof and two at the the floor, so he can't move. Kyleronco is experimenting with Wolfie's DNA. Wolfie is trapped in a little glass dome, helpless to anything that is happening and is forced to watch Wolf in pain.

Kyleronco) Hehe... Wolf... you try to leave, you're dead.

Wolf) How can I leave, I'm stuck to your roof and floor... wait, no the plug, please no more of that plug....

( Kyleronco puts the plug in and the electricity goes through Wolf)

Wolf) Ahhhhhh!

( Kyleronco takes the plug out )

Kyleronco) I can't let my experiment die, if you die... I got to find a new one.

( Wolf passes out, from all the pain, that has been dealt to him and BlueKing4ever walks in )

Blueking4ever)... Hahaha! I like seeing my older brother in pain.

( Blueking4ever picks a staff up and starts swinging at Wolf's mid-section and hits an extremely bad place to hit )

Kyleronco) Stop it! Blue, just leave!

Blueking4ever) No! I'll banish you!

Kyleronco) You can't, you're not king, Airzel is!

Airzel) He's right, Blue leave or you'll be banished!

( Blueking4ever runs out )

Airzel) Wolf, you're an ugly beastly alien thing, so I mean experiments are what you get for it.

Kyleronco) you know he's out.

Airzel) He is, *pulls out a chair and sits down*... then'll watch you do your thing.

Kyleronco) YES! The computer has given me the results of Wolfies data... in 5 minutes, I'll have a few potions in 2 needles for two shots.

Airzel) Who are the shots for?

Kyleronco) Mutant Wolfie and Wolf

5 minutes later

Mutant Wolfie) I'm ready!

Kyleronco) Okay

( Mutant Wolfie gets a shot and Wolfie's data makes, Mutant Wolfie look more like Wolfie )

Wolf) O_O

( Tries to get out )

Kyleronco) Turn the plug on, Airzel.

Airzel) Okay, anything to hurt this ugly beastly alien thing.

( Airzel turns the plug on and Wolf gets eletricuted and knocked out )


Kyleronco) Thanks.

( Kyleronco, puts a needle in Wolf and puts Wolfies DNA in him )

( A piece of Wolfie's hair shows on Wolf )

Airzel) Lets leave, I need to address everyone...

Happened Unknown! Episode 9