Masked Man) ABILITY ACTIVATE! ENERGY BLAST! ( Charge Dragonoid fires an energy blast at her opponent )

( Charge Dragonoid fires an energy blast at Spotter )

Airzel) Ability Activate! Staff Swipe! ( Spotter hits his opponent with his staff )

( Spotter hits the energy blast with his staff, but no one notices the crack on his staff )

Airzel) That's all you got, WEAK!

Masked Man) NO... I'm just getting warmed up!


( Spotter gets hit from behind from an energy blast )

Airzel) What just did that happen!?

Masked Man) Your ego! Your ego is why Spotter got the energy blast!

Airzel) My ego is better then yours!

Masked Man) Mine is better, I'm not a robot!

Airzel) I'm not a robot, I'm a living being

Masked Man) You're wrong, I built you!

Airzel: ( In shock ) N.....n...No... can't..... be.. true.

( The Masked Man takes his mask off )

Masked Man) I'm the real Airzel-of-Haos, bow down to the King of Kings!

Robot Airzel) ...

Airzel-of-Haos) Spotter, finish him off!

Spotter) Yes, Master

( Spotter puts Robot Airzel into the explosive dome, and Spotter and Charge Dragonoid go to ball form and back to Airzel's hand )

Airzel-of-Haos) Time to go check the house... even though, the house is probably no more, I think we'll be able to find something.

( Meanwhile, the 4 hour road trip to where Serenity was going has ended and Wolf has woken up from being unconscious )

Serenity) Finally, were here.

Wolf) Why are we here?

Serenity) Your home was burnt down...

Wolf) When?

Serenity) When you were out cold in your room.

Wolf) Where is Wolfie?

Wolfie) Right here! In your pocket... I been hiding for a reason...

Wolf) What reason?

Wolfie) A surprise.

( Wolfie comes out of the pocket with a mystery bakugan )

???) Hi, My name is Ziperator... I'm Ventus just like Wolfie... Wolfie found me and well, here we are.

Serenity) How nice... We probably should get out of the car now though...

Wolf) Why?

Serenity) So, I can show you to your room.

Wolf) 0_0... This is your house.... but we're only 16.

Serenity) Remember this is a different planet... your allowed to have a house by the age 15.

Wolf) How could you afford it?

Serenity) I was a doctor, remember.

Wolf) Oh.... I'm ready to go.

Serenity) Well, let me help you out... I'm trying my best to keep you from injuring your mis-section any more.

Episode 15