Nero is a Reality!
Species Nerons
Equipment Dark blue breastplates, armored leggings, and armored boots
Weaponry Swords
Normal Style Offensive
Normal Fighting Style Swordplay
Abilities Manipulate water
Breathe underwater
Powersource Neral
Status Sustainable


After global warming, all of the ice in the world turned into water and now 90% of Nero is now water and the 10% is land. Some countries remained on land and some flooded to the bottom of oceans. Nero is the Soltaros Galaxy's largest supplier of water and is the planet with the most abundance of water.


  • Breastplates - Dark blue plate decorated with red jewels.
  • Armored Leggings - Dark blue
  • Armored Boots - Dark blue


  • Swords - Dark blue


  • Manipulate water for offense and defense
  • Breathe underwater

Characters from reality's nameEdit

Aqyia: Princess of the Nerons, she ran away to join Nero's military and help defend Nero.


Dracuis: A large, dark blue, serpent that lives underwater.


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