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Nemesis human form
Debut Bakugan: Neathia's Demise 9 - No Remorse
Used By None
Gender Female
G-Power {{{G}}}
Attribute True Darkus
Weaponry Void Walker's Arsenal
Family The Nightingales
Title Void Walker
Status Alive


Rosenrot "Nemesis" Schatten (A.K.A. Adrasteia) is a Raider Ingram, a Baku Sky Raider who battles without remorse. She has multiple weapons at her disposal, some visible and some need to be summoned. She is respected and feared by those who heard of her for her quick fighting style.

She is a fast freerunner, and uses her weapons while freerunning to destroy the enemy. She can dual wield weapons, including a tomahawk, crossbow, multiple daggers, a pistol, and throwing knives.


Nemesis is loyal to The Nightingales and is usually sent on mission to collect debts and for retribution against those who are on The Nightingale's list. She is serious most of the time, and rarley speaks. Litttle suprises her and she has a cold personality most of the time.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Ability CardsEdit

Fusion Ability CardsEdit

Battling StyleEdit

Inescapable Fate



  • She was the first Nightingale that served Exedra.


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