Neathian Capital

The Neathian Capital

Neathia (Jp: ローテルディア) is a planet located in a galaxy far away from the Milky Way, and was once initially one planet with its neighboring planet, Gundalia. Neathia is ruled under an Anarchist society, with the current Queen being Serena Sheen. There was once a powerful object located in the Neathian Capital known as the Sacred Orb, which contained Code Eve, the creator of Bakugan, Neathia, Gundalia, and New Vestroia. Neathians have the ability to transform into human versions of themselves. Their real forms have diamond-like eyes and blue skin. Most of the Neathians, including the Royal Army, are weak Brawlers. Neathian Brawlers mostly use Haos Bakugan.

Neathia will be the central setting of Bakugan: Soul's Army.



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