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Gender Male
G-Power 3500 - Affected by upgrade Gane.
Attribute Ventus
Role Varies
Variations Mystrone
Bakugan's Partner W
Protagonist or Antagonist Doesn't follow sides


Personality: Still very secretive, however he has more personality. Mystrone is loyal to W and loves leaving to be alone a lot.


Gane OverEdit



  • Gusted Pulse- Mystrone makes a "W" with his fingers, thus releasing a gusty, "W" blast
  • Air-thrown- Mystrone uppercuts the opponent with a windy surrounding on his body

Special Abilities:Edit

  • Revealing Shine- "W"s shine all over Mystrone's body, strengthing Mystrone

Finishing Abilities:Edit

Keyboard Controls:Edit

Keyboard Controls Physical Moveset
Q Punches
A Kicks
Z X forearm block
W Uppercut
S Spinning midsection kick
X Body charge
E Back-flip
D Dropkick
C Roundhouse kick
Shift Abilities
Ctrl Special Abilities
Shift + Ctrl Finishing Abilities
Space Jump
Right Arrows Right Movement
Left Arrows Left movement
Upward Arrows Forwards Movement
Downward Arrows Backwards movement

Ability Controls (Keyboard):Edit

Keyboard Controls Abilities
Q Gusted Pulse
A Air-thrown
Z {{{Ability3}}}
W {{{Ability4}}}
S {{{Ability5}}}
X {{{Ability6}}}
E {{{Ability7}}}
D {{{Ability8}}}
C {{{Ability9}}}

Special Ability Controls (Keyboard):Edit

Keyboard Controls Special Abilities
Q Revealing Shine
A {{{Sp Ability2}}}
Z {{{Sp Ability3}}}
W {{{Sp Ability4}}}
S {{{Sp Ability5}}}
X {{{Sp Ability6}}}

Finishing Ability Controls (Keyboard):Edit

Keyboard Controls Finishing Abilities
Q {{{Fn Ability1}}}
A {{{Fn Ability2}}}
Z {{{Fn Ability3}}}

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