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Helios: I'm Evolving!

C22helios: Wild Fire helios huh?

Wolfie: I'm Evolving to!

Wolf: Nice! Nitro Wolfie!

Nintendocan: Roxanoid Evolved into Burn Fire Roxanoid :D!

C22helios: Well we should leave this chamber now.

Wolf: Agreed.

(all Walk out)

Nintendo Can: The Nintenlair was robbed!

C22helios: How? we were only in there for about a minute.

Nintendocan: Every minute in there is a year on the outside world.

Wolf: =/ you had to design it like that.

C22helios: Did'nt you say thre were abunch of bakugan in here that in the wrong hand could utterly Destroy anything?

Wolf: we should check the outside.

(all go to the outside)

???: Hey What are you doing out here?!

Nintendocan: Show your self!

???: I am The Mountain*!

Wolf: You Patented your name?

The mountain: Yeah! So no one can copy it!

C22helios: Awkward.

The Mountain: Go Mechtogan! Mantle!

Mantle: I will crush all who get in my way!

All: Bakugan Brawl!

C22helios: Rise Pyrus Wild Fire Helios!

Wolf: Rise Ventus Cyclone Wolfie!

Nintendocan: Rise Pyrus Burn Fire Roxanoid!

C22helios: Buster Shower! ( WildFire Helios Flies into the Air Opens his mouth and rains down giant meteors)

Wolf: Cyclone Burst!(Wolfie shoots blasts of energy from her tails)

Nintendocan: Sudden Fire Strike! ( Roxanoid Teleports next to Mantle And shoots it with a small blast of fire)

The Mountain: Blazing Sword Flash! (Mantle Grows Blades from it's Arms and slashes Roxanoid away and then reflects the others abilitys)

C22helios: He's too powerful!

???: Darkness Bunker Shot! (a Bolt of lightning comes towards mantle and knocks it back)

C22helios: Who was that?

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