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Night has came, everyone has left, and Wolfgang and Jenna are in bed...

Samantha) I know...I already hate it

Sara) It's a good thing you got good news...I'm sure Wolfgang will be glad to hear it

Samantha) Yeah

Sara) Anyways...Good night and see you tomorrow

Samantha) You too Mom, bye

( Sara enters her car, while Samantha walks into her house )

( Samantha opens the front door and turns a light on )

( Samantha puts her purse down )

Samantha) Okay...*Takes a deep breathe* I can tell him...

( Samantha walks to her bedroom door )

Samantha) *Deep breathe* Here we go...*Opens the door*

Wolfgang) ZZZ...zzz...ZZzz

Jenna) *Lifts her head up* ...

Samantha) I see movement...*Walks over to Jenna*

Jenna) MAMA!

Samantha) Hey Jenna *Puts her hands around Jenna*

Jenna) Mama...

Samantha) You didn't scream...

Jenna) ...

Samantha) ?


Samantha) Okay...*Starts rocking Jenna* You want to know something?

Jenna) *Looks at Samantha* ...

Samantha) You're going to be a big sister...

Jenna) *Turns her head* ...?

Samantha) You'll understand...

( Samantha continues to rock Jenna )

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Mother to Daughter Talking! Episode 64?

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