Arric has went to bed, all his minions are forced to brawl the whole night...

Christian) Ability Activate! Ground-saw! ( Werewerra spins his body in forward flip motion, using his body like a saw that attracts dirt )

May) Ability Activate! Bursting Bubble! ( Dolloid creates a bubble that pops into a huge amount of water )

( Werewerra moves closer to Dolloid )

( Dolloid's bubble explodes, muddying the ground )

( Werewerra gets stuck, but continues to move )

( Mud shoots at Dolloid, each blow crashing )

May) Ability Activate! Bubble Charger! ( Dolloid encases herself into a bubble and charges into her opponent )

( Werewerra continues to move, while being stuck )

( Dolloid collides with Werewerra )

( Dolloid's bubble pops and faces the movement of Werewerra )

( Dolloid goes to her ball form )

Persona) ZZZ...zzz...ZZZ

AcePyrusWolf) ZZZZZZ!

Pyrosmaster) Ability Activate! Volcanic Erupt! ( A forceful beam of fire comes out of Volcano Dragonoid's chest )

( The exploding beam moves fast as it nears Meteonoid )

Darkusfan202) Ability Activate! Cosmic Showers! ( A rainbow of colorful rocks fall to the ground )

( Volcano Dragonoid starts to blast the falling comets as his beam collides into two huge comets )

Pyrosmaster) Ultimate Ability Activate! Volcanix Explode! ( Volcano Dragonoid's attacks explode )


( Rocks crash to the ground as dust covers the field )

Pyrosmaster) Ability Activate! Dark Mold! ( Substances turn to magma that cover Volcano Dragonoid's body )

( The broken rocks turn to magma and fling onto Volcano Dragonoid )

Darkusfan202) Ultimate Ability Activate! Lazing Comsic! ( A small array of cosmic particles attack the opponent )

( Volcano Dragonoid falls on one knee )

Pyrosmaster) Ability Activate! Volcanic Disappearance! ( Volcano Dragonoid disappears, leaving white ash )

( Volcano Dragonoid appear behind Meteonoid )

( Volcano Dragonoid bear hugs Meteonoid )

( Volcano Dragonoid and Shadow Meteonoid turn to their ball forms and go into their master's palm )

( Light starts to enter the battlefield )

Picture Helper! Episode 24

Grade of Mornight Brawls! Episode 23?

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