Serenity's guardian bakugan.



An armored bakugan with moon like emblems. She has six moons on her body. She has two arm shields that each have one full moon, a half moon on the tip of her staff, a full moon on each of her two metallic wings, and a helmet with a half moon crest. She has a hidden secret about her.




  • Lit Light- The moons on Moonlight glow
  • Illusional Moon- Moonlight creates an illusion of the moon
  • Orbit Cause- Moonlight sends the moon to orbit around the opponent
  • Moon Crisis- The moon illusion crashes into the opponent
  • Moonwalk Block- Moonlight blocks with her two arm shields, while lowering gravity around her
  • Radiate Mooniance- Used when blocking; the full moons on Moonlight's arm shields cast a bright beam

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