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Nebula Meteonoid) Is that...

( The mutated bird-like bakugan charges towards Meteonoid )

( Meteonoid jumps into the air, avoiding the incoming attack )

( The mutated bird-like bakugan leaves traces of fire behind )

Nebula Meteonoid) *Notices the flames* WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER!

Darterym) Are you talking to me?

Nebula Meteonoid) Ye-

( The mutated bird-like bakugan screeches )

( Flaming black spheres jump out of the bakugan's body )

( Nebula Meteonoid gets hit by some of the flaming black spheres )

DF) Ability Activate! Nebula Disbody! ( Nebula Meteonoid's body spreads apart and resembles behind the opponent )

( Flaming black spheres pass through Meteonoid's body )

( Meteonoid's body quickly separates )

( The bakugan screeches again )

Darterym) GET HIM!

( The mutated bakugan charges towards Meteonoid's separating body )

( The mutated bakugan flies through Meteonoid )

( Meteonoid's body reforms after the mutated bakugan goes by )

( Meteonoid wraps his cloth around the opponent's neck )

DF) Ultimate Ability Activate! Neb-

( Another screech sets off )

DF) ...

Nebula Meteonoid) DF, DO IT!

DF) TELL ME! What was that?

Nebula Meteonoid) DON'T KNOW!

DF) Ultimate ABility Activate! Nebu-


Back by Wolfgang...


( Tigressoid's poles crash into Volf's diamond shield )

( No damage is shown )


( Tigressoid's poles crash into Volf's diamond shield again )

( A ruby wall rises )

Tigressoid) I'M ANGRY!

( The ruby wall continues rising with Buratro walking towards Volf )


( Buratro gets closer to Volf )

( Tigressoid swings his poles )


( Tigressoid's poles strike for a third time )

( The wall stops rising )

Tigressoid) ...

Buratro) BULKY! *Picks Volf's shield up*

Crysemtion Volf) *Laying down* ...

Wolfgang) Ability Activate! Diamond Inverse! ( Crysemtion Volf's diamond shield switches to the opponent with it's outside the inside and inside the outside )

( Crysemtion Volf's diamond shield changes and covers Buratro's body )

( Volf releases a bronzite pulse )

( Buratro shoots off )

( Tigressoid swings his poles )

( Volf gets hits, stays still, and looks at Tigressoid )

Tigressoid) FALL, JUST FALL!

Wolfgang) Ability Activate! Drusy Pulse! ( Crysemtion Volf releases a silver drusy pulse; bursts into drusy metal )

( Crysemtion Volf releases a drusy pulse towards Tigressoid )


( Tigressoid gets hit and turns to his ball form )

Crysemtion Volf) ...weak...

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