Around 12:30 am, December 10th, Wolfgang is standing out of bed, while looking at Samantha after she really made out with him earlier that evening...

Wolfgang) Wow...*Eyes water up* This'll be harder than expected...*Walks towards Alexandria's crib* Hey...*Picks Alexandria up* Hey Alexandria...

( Alexandria looks at Wolfgang, about to cry )

Wolfgang) *Rocking Alexandria* Don't make this hard on me *A tear falls* ...Alexandria, Daddy loves you...*Kisses Alexandria's forehead*

( Alexandria falls asleep )

( Wolfgang puts Alexandria back into her crib )

Wolfgang) *Walks over to Jenna's crib and picks her up* Hey Jenna...

Jenna) Hi dada...

Wolfgang) You know Daddy loves you, right?

Jenna) Love dada...Dada

Wolfgang) Thanks *Kisses Jenna's forehead and puts her back into her crib* Make sure Mommy gives you some cake...

Jenna) mama *Stands in crib*

Wolfgang) Yeah...*Walks to Samantha's side of their bed* I know you might not like it, but I'm going...You had that special night with me, but now I must finish business...*Kisses Samantha for 20 seconds* I love you a lot...*Walks away from Samantha's side of their bed and to a dresser*

( Jenna watches )

Wolfgang) Now Jenna, tell Samantha I put something in here for her...*Pulls a box out of his pocket*

( Jenna's head turns )

Wolfgang) It's a little bracelt...I didn't out a picture in it, but Mommy will...I know she'll pick a great picture...*Lifts wrist* I also got one...It has a picture of Mommy, your little sister, you, and me...

( Jenna's mouth opens wide )

Wolfgang) Here, let me show you...*Walks towards Jenna's crib and opens the locket*

Jenna) :O ME! *Puts her small finger on her*

Wolfgang) Yeah, that's you...


<Wolfgang) Maybe they went ahead...>

<DF) No, they didn't...>

<Wolfgang) Are their bakugans their?>

<DF) Nope>

<Wolfgang) Are their any messages from C22's room?>

<DF) No...None...>

<Wolfgang) What do the rooms look like?>

<DF) C22's room looks like a tornado hit it...The covers are all messed up and well...They shocked me...Nintendo's room is well...Emily said Nintendo was by her and she felt something pull her...He was gone after she looked over...Mike, Alice, and her aren't taken well to it...I think I should stay>

<Wolfgang) Okay, we're going to have to go...It's only a matter of time before we get caught...>

<DF) Okay>

<Wolfgang) Besides, like you said...Meteonoid is Darterym's holder and we can get the first step done, we're home free...>

<DF) But...I may lose Meteonoid...I can't lose him, he's my buddy...>

<Wolfgang) But it would he'd be a hero...Volf couldn't end it, but maybe Meteonoid can...Maybe Meteonoid will still be with you...Look at it positively...>

<DF) Okay...I'll go wait by the tree>

<Wolfgang) Great, see you there!>

Wolfgang) *Grabs trench coat* Jenna, I have to go, but first...Why don't we sing happy birthday to Mommy...

( Jenna looks confused )

Wolfgang) Okay...Happy birthday to you...

( Jenna's mouth moves as Wolfgang sings )

Wolfgang) Happy birthday to you, happy birthday Mommy *in head* My love *Reality* happy birthday to yoooouuu...

Jenna) MAMA!

Puppy) WOOF!

( Wolfgang opens the bedroom door )

Samantha) *Startled* Yes?

( Wolfgang walks into the hallway and closes the door, until his head can still peak through )

Jenna) DADA!

( Wolfgang peaks his head through )

( Samantha looks to her side )

Samantha) Yeah...Where's Daddy?

Jenna) He go...

Samantha) Where?

( Jenna looks confused )

( Samantha looks at the door )

Wolfgang) O_O *Speaking fast* Happy birthday! *Moves head back and closes door*

Samantha) ...

( Wolfgang runs through the hallways )

( Samantha gets up and puts her robe on )

Samantha) Jenna, keep an eye on Alexandria. Puppy keep an eye on Jenna, though...I'll be back in a minute...

( Wolfgang runs into the living room and into the kitchen )

( Samantha opens the bedroom door and walks out )

( Puppy sits )

( Wolfgang walks to the backdoor (also kitchen door) and opens it )

( Samantha walks through the hallway and spots Wolfgang looking back )

Samantha) WOLFGANG!

Wolfgang) ...*Walks out and closes the door*

( Samantha runs through the living room and into the kitchen )

<DF) I'm at the tree>

<Wolfgang) Okay, get ready to leave...Samantha woke up! DX>

<DF) Ouch...>

<Wolfgang) I didn't want her awake for when I had to leave...It'll be hard on her...>

( Wolfgang runs and slides down the railing )

( Samantha opens the back door and walks out )

Samantha) WOLFGANG!




Samantha) ...

<DF) That creepy bakugan is looking at you...>

<Wolfgang) Creepy?>

<DF) And now its jumping away...>

<Wolfgang) Okay>

Samantha) Wolfgang, please don't go!

Wolfgang) I have to...It's for my own good...I mean, you don't want me killing anybody...I'm close to it...I need to see my Dad!

Samantha) There-

Wolfgang) And truth is...I didn't want you awake...I thought it would be hard for you to accept, but...I'll be back and I love you!

Samantha) *Eyes watery* I...I love you too

( Volf comes out of her ball form and Wolfgang gets on )

Wolfgang) See you soon

Samantha) ...

( Volf flies off with Wolfgang )

( Meteonoid also takes off with DF )

Samantha) *Tear rolls down face* I love you and I could possibly lose...Wolfgang, please come back unharmed and soon...

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