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By Drarieror, Mike, Scalean, and Jane vs. Lady Heat, Polius and Alice...

( Drarieror swings his sword )

( Lady Heat ducks )

( Lady Heat bounces back up and slaps Drarieror )

( Drarieror's head turns to the side )

( Drarieror releases flames from his shoulder cannons )

( Flames hits Lady Heat's face )

( Lady Heat shows no damage )


( Rocks crush Scalean )

( Scalean screeches )

Jane) Ability Activate! Death Break! ( Anything around Scalean ages )

( The rocks squishing Scalean age )

( The rocks quickly turn to dust )

By DF...

???) HELP!

Trent) ...


( DF locks his room's door )

DF) What?

???) HELP ME!

DF) ...

Trent) You hear him?

Johnny) Sounded more like a girl's voice...

DF) Johnny, it does...

Trent) We should go find him or her...

DF) *In head* Trent, no...It might be too gory for you two...

Johnny) YEAH!

DF) No...Do you know where Nintendo is?

Trent) Nintendo's room...Yeah, I know where it is

DF) Good, I want Johnny and you to go over there


DF) I got it, okay

Trent) I want to help!

DF) You cannot help, nor can Johnny

Johnny) D=

DF) Go!

Trent) ...*Walks away*


???) *Same time* HELP!

( Trent stops )

DF) Trent!

( Trent and Johnny continue walking )

DF) Good boys...*Looks to his side* ...*In head* It's coming from there

Back by the brawl...

( Scalean and Polius turn to their ball forms and return to their owner's hands )

Mike) Ability Activate! Mid Guardian! ( Drarieror releases a beam from his midsection )

( Drarieror releases a beam from his midsection )

C22) Ability Activate! Bizarre Heat! ( Lady Heat collects heat that acts as a wall )

( Lady Heat's eyes turn red )

( Nothing happens, but is moving )

( The beam crashes into an invisible wall )

Drarieror) ...

Mike) Abi-

Trent) C22!

C22) Yes, what's wrong?

Trent) *Talking fast* DF sent us to Nintendo's room, but we can't get in and there was a person screaming "help me" and DF isn't letting us go and there was a "BOOM!"

C22) Slow down and tell me again...

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