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( Phenorn gets smashed onto the ground )

Personity) HMPH! *Stomps on Phenorn*

( Flames push Personity off )

( Personity falls to the ground and sits )

Phenorn) I WILL NOT LOSE! *Gets back up*

Personity) NEITHER SHALL I! *Gets up*

( Personity stabs Phenorn with his blade )

( Phenorn screeches )

Wolf) NOW!

( Blue throws Burtaro )

( Phenorn's flames hit Personity's eyes )

Personity) HOT! AWOOOO! TOO HOT! *Backs away from Phenorn*

( Buratro lands on the ground and stands )

( Buratro comes out of his ball form and waits for Personity )

( Phenorn turns around and charges into Personity's gut )

( Personity flies backwards )

( Buratro grabs Personity by his back )

Buratro) BULKY WISHES BED TIME! *Stomps on ground*

( An explosive ruby-bed rises )

( Buratro lifts Personity )

( Personity flips out of Buratro's grip )

Personity) WOLF! *Charges towards Wolf with blades ready*

( Quadraloid comes out of his ball form and punches Personity )

( Personity stops moving )

( Quadraloid stops flying and slams Personity to the ground )

( Toxinide, Surprame, Anegonza, Electrilyr, and Demenatic Wolfie come out of their ball forms )

( Toxinide, Quadraloid, and Surprame punch Personity )

( Personity helplessly takes the beating )

( Anegonza backs into position )

Anegonza) GA-GA-GUYS, I'M READY!

( Toxinide, Quadraloid, and Surprame lift Personity )

( Anegonza charges )

( Toxinide, Quadraloid, and Surprame throw Personity over )

( Anegonza charges into Personity )

( Anegonza's slashes Personity and Personity falls backwards )

( Electrilyr's chain tail wraps around Personity's leg and slams him into a wall )

( Personity then gets dragged over )

( Demenatic Wolfie releases a dark sapphire pulse )

( The dark sapphire pulse burst into black waters )

( Electriclyr lifts Personity and electrocutes him )

( Personity gets fried from being wet )

( Electrilyr throws Personity to Buratro )

( Buratro catches Personity by his hairy chest )

Buratro) NAP TIME! *Lifts Personity*

( Buratro falls downwards with Personity )


( The ruby bed explodes )

Wolf) Phenorn, nice job!

Phenorn) Thanks, sir Wolf

( Wolf looks down towards where Personity was smashed )

Wolf) Hmph...Nice job! *Smirks*

( No Personity appears on the ground )

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