Dolloid, May, Crusade Werewerra, and Christian have appeared...

Harterym) ...I only called May and Dolloid over...Christian, what were you doing close to here?

Christian) We were packing our stuff up because we're moving into Aunt Sara's room...She said Wolfgang and Samantha would need their own space and that Alexandria would keep us up at night...

May) Yep, that's what we were doing...Packing up

Harterym) Well, lets test you both...

May) No thanks...

Christian) We're fine without the Sacred Evolution, for now

Harterym) Why not?

May) We want to explore our bakugan's other evolutions...

Harterym) Well...

( A white flash appears )

Harterym) For your choice, I'm unlocking Werewerra's next evolution and Dolloid's first evolution...

May) Thanks!

Christian) Thank you, Harterym!

Harterym) They'll appear with you when you get back home...

( A white flash appears )

( May and Christian are gone )

Harterym) Now then...I only have Roxanoid left...

Back by Nintendo, minutes after Extremis and Culburym's event..

Nintendo) That sounds like a great idea

Mike) Thanks!

Nintendo) You're welcome

Mike) Jane, Alice...Want to brawl, right now?

Jane) Sure

Alice) ...

Nintendo) Come on Alice, you should go brawl...

Alice) I don't want to

( Mike runs down the steps )

Nintendo) I'll watch you

Alice) Okay...

( Jane extends her hand )

( Alice grabs her hand )

( Jane and Alice walk down the steps )

Mike) *On ground* You guys are slow...

Alice) D=

Jane) Hey, I'm walking your sister down, so sssh!

Mike) Okay

( Nintendo leans on the railing )

Nintendo) Mike...Go-*Disappears*

Mike) O_O DAD!

Alice) DADDY!

Jane) ...

C22) *Walking back* Don't worry...It's just his time


Alice) *Crying* Daddy...

Jane) He's alright

C22) Yeah, what Jane said...He's going to test with Harterym...He'll be back soon...I'll just watch you guys brawl...

Mike) Extremis is quiet...

C22) Yeah, I put him in my room

Mike) =O

C22) He needs a time out and Culburym needed one too...

Lady Heat) May I join your brawl?

Mike) Sure, Heat

Jane) We should tag team...

C22) Alice and Me vs. You and Mike, nice! *Walks down the steps*

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