( A white blast heads towards Tigator )

Arric) Ability Activate! Smokey Outcast! ( Osbyss Tigator disappears with smoke left behind )

( Tigator disappears )

( The blast crashes onto the ground with white spheres bouncing everywhere )

( Tigator appears behind Harterym )

Arric) Ability Activate! Smoggy Smug! ( Tigator charges into the opponent with black smoke leaving his body, after impact )

( Tigator charges into Harterym )

( Tigator makes impact with white spheres )

( Tons of black smoke is releases from Tigator being in Harterym, crashing into white spheres )

( Harterym's midsection disappears in black smoke )

( Tigator makes it through Harterym )

( Harterym releases a white blast from her midsection )

( Tigator disappears with more black smoke left behind )

( Tigator appears behind Harterym's head )

Arric) Ability Activate! Smoke Out! ( Black smoke bursts from Osbyss Tigator's body )

( Osbyss Tigator releases black smoke from his body )

( The black smoke quickly covers Harterym's head )

Arric) Ability Activate! Intimidation! ( Osbyss Tigator stares at his opponent with a creepy look, an explosion takes place afterwards )

( Tigator stares at the smoke with purple eyes )

( The smoke glows purple )



( The smoke explodes with purple flames )

( More black smoke releases )

( Two moons are seen in the smoke )

Arric) Ultimate Ability Activate! Cluster Smoke! ( The smoke grabs the opponent, while Osbyss Tigator stares at it )

( Tigator's eyes remain purple )

( The smoke moves towards Moonlight )

( Moonlight releases a huge beam from her two moon shields )

( The moving smoke disappears from the bright beam )

Arric) Ultimate Ability Activate! Clone Three! ( Osbyss Tigator charges towards the opponent with two illusions of himself )

( The original Tigator disappears as two other Tigators come from Moonlight's sides )

( Moonlight remains stuck with using her beam )

( One Tigator crashes into Moonlight )

( Moonlight doesn't move )

( Another Tigator crashes into Moonlight )

( Moonlight starts to slip )

( A third Tigator comes from above )

( Moonlight swings her shields upwards )

( The beam follows )


( Tigator falls, knocked out )


( Tigator crashes onto Moonlight's shields )

Moonlight) ...

( Tigator opens his purple-glazed eyes )

( Moonlight's shields glow purple )


( Moonlight's shields explode with purple flames )

( A white flash appears )

( Tigator limbs out of the smoke )

Arric) =D

Osbyss Tigator) That wasn't hard...

Harterym) Tigator, you got a three out of four...Prepare for Sacred Evolution!

( A white flash erupts )

MoCC: Episode 85

Grade of MoCC: Episode 84?

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