The next day, C22 is outside still waiting for Extremis...

Lady Heat) EXTREMIS! *Flies towards Extremis, in ball form*

Extremis Helios) O_O *Stops*

Lady Heat) *Headbutts Extremis* I MISSED YOU!

Extremis Helios) I missed you too

C22) Extremis, where were you?

Extremis Helios) On the roof...I waiting for you...

C22) No, the roof is above us...You came away from the roof, but straight towards us

Extremis Helios) I got bored, so I looked around

C22) Okay

Lady Heat) *Excited* I so glad you're back!

C22) Do you know where Culburym is?

Extremis Helios) No, who's she?

C22) Culburym is a Crystalic Ice bakugan...She's Alexandria's partner

Extremis Helios) Yeah, I didn't see her...I was missing Cyanide...

C22) We'll get him back :D

Extremis Helios) I know

Lady Heat) He's apart of our team and he always will...We aren't a team without him

Extremis and C22) RIGHT!

By Mike...

Mike) I know...I'll be fine, Mom

Emily) You better be

Mike) I will

( Nintendo watches )

( Emily kisses Mike's cheek )

Mike) Bye

Emily) Have fun

( Mike walks to the front door, opens it, and walks out and closes the door )

Emily) He brawls too much...

With Mike...

Mike) Drarieror, who should we brawl?

Drarieror) Anyone, really

Mike) Like C22 and Extremis Helios?

Drarieror) Yeah, like them!

Mike) Then lets go tell them...

Drarieror) No, they're asleep

Mike) No, they're in-front of us

Drarieror) *Looks up* Oh yeah, silly me...

Mike) HEY C22!

C22) HEY!

Mike) BRAWL, YOU VS. ME...

C22) OKAY!

Mike) :D

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